September 2020
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*Extension On The Takeaway
*Lee and Raymond
*Sophia Popov Controversy 
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Scott Mahlberg, PGA 
Extension On The Takeaway

Extension on the takeaway
Extension on the takeaway

One of the most important parts of the swing is the takeaway. It sets the tone for the rest of the swing-both in terms of mechanics and tempo. Creating extension on the takeaway properly must be accomplished by using the bigger muscles of the body. Please watch the video for a demonstration for how to make this happen. 

Lee and Raymond

Lee Trevino - Meets Raymond Floyd
Lee Trevino - Meets Raymond Floyd

I miss Lee Trevino - not only because of his amazing play but also because of the way he always connected with people. He had an incredible ability to talk and entertain the gallery, focus for 15 seconds as he hit his shot and then resume his interaction with the gallery. 

Lee had a lot of stories. One of my favorites is when Lee was an unknown and he first met Raymond Floyd. I have heard this story many times and I wanted to share it with you. Lee tells this story like only he can. I hope you enjoy.

Sophia Popov Controversy

AIG Women's Open | Round Four Highlights: Popov wins
AIG Women's Open | Round Four Highlights: Popov wins

I have an affinity for links golf. I have had the great fortune to take students to the UK and play all the great courses that are there. It has been a nice bonding experience and an opportunity to help my students improve under different conditions. 

I sat down and watched the Women's British Open at Troon a couple of weeks ago. I watched more to watch play on this fabulous course more so than the competition. This is in part because we had to cancel both trips because of covid this year. 

The course was spectacular and the tournament play was the best I have seen in years. Sophia Popov won this tournament by 3 shots. She came out of nowhere to win this event. She had a world ranking of 304 before the tournament began.

Here begins the controversy. The rules state that any LPGA player that wins a major receives a 5 year exemption. Sophia missed earning her card by one shot last year. The LPGA decided that she was only entitled to a 2 year exemption since she was not a member.

Players have come to her defense. Here are a couple of quotes:

This story is absolutely embarrassing to the @LPGA and quite frankly embarrassing to the game of golf. Somebody wake up and figure this out. To the best story in golf for a very long time to the worst story in a few days. Ian Poulter

Not sure about these LPGA rules, but @SophiaCPopov , @kate_rose99 and I would be delighted to offer you a 5 year exemption to @RoseLadiesGolfCONGRATS on your amazing win! Justin Rose

My feeling is that she did so much for women's golf in this championship that an exception should have been made. At the very least, this rule should be changed for future championships. Any player that captures a major should receive all the rewards associated with being a champion. 

The video above shows some of the highlights of the last round in case you are interested. 

FitGolf Logo

Lateral Leap with Tubing
Lateral Leap with Tubing

Jeremy Klinkhamer has contributed the following fitness tip of the month. This month's video shows you an exercise to improve your stabilization as your body is moving. 

I have been working with Jeremy since 2000. I have sent many students to him to improve both their fitness and functionality. I have seen amazing results! The evidence is both in the way they feel and the improvement that has been shown in their golf games. You can reach Jeremy at [email protected] if you would like more information about what he offers.   
Scott Mahlberg, PGA