November 2017
I am pleased to include the following features in this month's newsletter:

In This Issue:

*Pivot Driven Swing
*Masters Program
*Humorous Rules Story
*Shot Clock Masters
*Student Of The Month
*FitGolf For Performance
*Short Game School


Scott Mahlberg PGA 
Pivot Driven Swing 

One thing that I have always admired in a PGA Tour player's swing is how effortlessly they hit the ball a long distance. One of the primary reasons for this is that they have a high transfer of energy through impact. The key to this efficient energy transfer is to have a pivot driven swing. Please watch the video to see how you can incorporate this in your swing.  

Masters Program

I am currently starting my 4th year with the Masters Program. The program is a platform that provides an accelerated learning environment that combines private lessons, supervised practices and on course instruction. Most of my members have shown great improvement in their games.
I currently have one opening  in my program. Here is the link on my web site if you would like more information about the program:  Masters Program

Humorous Rules Story 

One of the best pieces of advice that I ever received for tournament play is how to interact properly with a rules official on the course. That advice was to ask an official "what are my options?" This is a much better question than "am I able to ---?" It is important to realize that an official is supposed to only answer your question and not offer advice. Asking about your options gives the official a chance to come up with a scenario that you might not have thought of.
Knowledge of the rules can definitely help you on the course. I think you will really enjoy this video for a direct example of this.
Shot Clock Masters 

The European Tour is so determined to stamp out slow play it has even come up with a tournament title to show how serious it is about the problem.

Introducing the "Shot Clock Masters". Honestly.
Formerly known as the Austrian Open, the Shot Clock Masters, June 7-10 near Vienna, will feature a shot clock for all players, and hand out one-shot penalties to those who exceed the time limit.

The Tour has already trialed a shot clock. One was used during this year's GolfSixes tournament at the Centrurion Club just north of London. The clock was only used on the fourth hole and just one player fell foul of it. Former Oregon State player Paul Peterson exceeded the 40-second limit and was penalized one stroke.

Every player will be timed on every shot in Austria. The other big difference from GolfSixes is that the event will use the Tour's official timing policy. Each player in the 120-man field will have 50 seconds for the first player in a group, with 40 seconds for subsequent players. A one-shot penalty will be handed out to players going over the time limit, and a red card will appear beside their name on the leaderboard.

The Tour is hoping to cut three-ball timings down to four hours, and two balls down to three hours and 15 minutes.

(Excerpt from Golf Week Magazine.)
Student Of The Month

My Student Of The Month is Rob Kempa. I have had the pleasure of helping Rob for a few years. He recently made a very nice breakthrough in his Member-Member tournament at Rancho Bernardo Country Club. He and his partner played so well together that they won both the low gross and the low net. The low gross result is a real accomplishment because there were many other members with lower handicaps in the field.  
Keep up the good work Rob!!  
FitGolf Logo

Golfers Plank 
Golfers Plank
Jeremy Klinkhamer is here to give the fitness tip of the month. This month's video shows you an exercise called the golfer's plank. This will help you to improve your strength, flexibility and also educate your body movement during the swing.

I have been working with Jeremy since 2000. I have sent many students to him to improve both their fitness and functionality. I have seen amazing results! The evidence is both in the way they feel and the improvement that has been shown in their golf games. You can reach Jeremy at if you would like more information about what he offers.   
Short Game School
My next short game school will be given on Sunday, November 26th from 9:00 to noon. Chipping, pitching, pitching from the rough, sand shots and putting will be covered in this school. Each student will have their putting stroke computer analyzed in the putting studio. All students will also receive a short game school booklet that contains text and video for each shot covered. The maximum student to teacher ratio is 5:1 and the cost is $160. 

Please contact me at if you are interested in attending.
Scott Mahlberg, PGA