June 2019
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*Drone Era Begins At Pebble
*Ridiculous Moments On The PGA Tour
*Student Of The Month
*FitGolf For Performance
*Short Game School


Scott Mahlberg PGA 


There is a large body of teaching professionals that believe that the most important fundamental in the golf swing is to "sustain your line of compression". This is a fancy phrase but what it means is that you want to keep the ball in a compressed state, meaning part of the ball is flattened on the club face, as long as you can through the impact zone. This leads to very solid contact and ultimately more control with all  your shotmaking. 

This video shows one of my favorite drills to give you the feel of keeping the club head low after impact so you can compress the ball consistently. Please watch for a full demonstration. 
Drone Era Begins At Pebble

Look for new video at this year's US Open at Pebble Beach. Golf World has announced that FOX will be debuting video taken from a drone. The drone will be based and operated from a boat off shore. It should lead to some great video footage and I can not think of a more spectacular course to show off this new technology. 

Ridiculous Moments on the PGA Tour

The most ridiculous moments on the PGA TOUR in 2017
The most ridiculous moments on the PGA TOUR in 2017

 Funny moments you might enjoy. 
Student Of The Month

My student of the month for June is Silvana Michan. I have been helping Silvana with her game for a few years. Silvana recently won her club championship in the gross division at Del Mar Country Club. She has come so far in her game to accomplish this. Congratulations Silvana!!!

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Stretch the Hip
Stretch the Hip
Jeremy Klinkhamer is sharing his fitness tip of the month. This month's video shows you how to properly stretch your hips.

I have been working with Jeremy since 2000. I have sent many students to him to improve both their fitness and functionality. I have seen amazing results! The evidence is both in the way they feel on and off the course. There has been vast improvement shown in their golf games. You can reach Jeremy at jklinkhamer@fitgolf.com if you would like more information about the programs he offers.   
Short Game School

The next short game school will be announced on a future date.

Scott Mahlberg, PGA