March 2020
I hope you enjoy this month's newsletter. It consists of the following: 

*Hip Disassociation
*TaylorMade Fitting
*Mickey Wright
*Student Of The Month


Scott Mahlberg, PGA 
Hip Disassociation 

Hip Disassociation
Hip Disassociation

One of the essentials in creating a powerful and repeating swing is to feel that the hips move separately from the shoulders on the downswing. This gives your body an eccentric stretch of your muscles so the body can turn much faster through impact. Please watch this video for a full explanation of this dynamic.  

Taylor Made

TaylorMade has scheduled a fitting day at Stadium Golf Center on Friday, March 27th. All of the new product line will be on display. This includes all the SIM (Shape in Motion) metal woods and irons. Many of my students have been happy with this year's clubs because they are creating more club speed with the different head design. Another nice result is that the ground interaction is much better. This is because both the metal woods and the irons have a lower center of gravity and they glide through the turf rather than dig in.

TaylorMade is sending their expert club fitters to Stadium Golf Center for the event. The full compliment of shafts and heads will be on site for you to try. Please call Monty at 858-277-6667 to reserve a time slot for the event. Times are limited. 
Mickey Wright

Mickey Wright golf swing
Mickey Wright golf swing

As many of you know, Mickey Wright passed on recently. She is considered to be the best women player to ever have played the game. Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan both opined that she had the best swing in the game- man or woman. Some of her career highlights were that she won 44 tournaments in 4 years, won 13 major championships and 82 tournaments on the LPGA Tour. She was such a dominant player on tour that sponsors threatened pulling out of tournaments unless she committed to play. 

There are many things to like in her golf swing. Here are some things that are really exceptional:

*Her extension off the ball is incredible. Extension is measured by how far the butt end of the club is outside the right foot when the shaft is at the first parallel. She has more extension than any player I have ever seen.

*This extension leads to a very full body turn at the top of the backswing. 

*Notice how she moves her center of gravity nicely in both directions to help with the timing of the swing.

*She has a lot of lag which really helps with conserving energy until impact. She was known as a long hitter that hit high and straight drives. 

*Her right shoulder moves down and through impact so the ball stays on the face longer through impact. 

*She has a nice full and balanced finish.

Many of these swing attributes are great to incorporate into the swing. 

Student Of The Month

My student of the month for March is Dan Giurgiu. Dan was in one of the groups that I took to Scotland last year. The trip was fantastic but will be remembered for one very exciting highlight. Dan holed his tee shot on the 9th hole at the Guillane golf course. 

Dan has continued to work on his game and recently shot an 80 at San Diego Country Club. That is a very good round for Dan because I have played many rounds with him where he has shot in the high 80s or low 90s. Keep up the good work Dan!

FitGolf Logo

Single Leg Airplane
Single Leg Airplane

Good hip action in the golf swing is a must. Jeremy Klinkhamer is our physical therapist on site at Stadium Golf Center. He is showing an exercise to improve your hip mobility, hamstring flexibility and balance in the video above. 

I have been working with Jeremy since 2000. I have sent many students to him to improve both their fitness and functionality and I have seen amazing results! The evidence is both in the way they feel and the improvement that has been shown in their golf games. You can always  reach out to Jeremy at if you would like more information about what he offers.   
Scott Mahlberg, PGA