August 2019
I am pleased to include the following features in this month's newsletter.

*Counterbalance For Power
*Decade Golf
*Golf Tournament For Rady Children Hospital
*Eucerin Sunscreen
*FitGolf For Performance
*Short Game School


Scott Mahlberg PGA 
Counterbalance For Power

Counterbalance For Power
Counterbalance For Power

There at two main forces present in the golf swing: the centrifugal force of the club and the centripetal force of the body. Maximum force is created when these two forces are in sync. This video gives a demonstration on how to make this happen. 

One-on-one coaching/skill coaching demo with CoachNow app
One-on-one coaching/skill coaching demo with CoachNow app

I am excited to tell you about a new platform that I just started using for your video lessons. It is called CoachNow. There are a couple of advantages that I think you will really like. The first is that you will have a space created for you where your lessons will be archived. This will give you a chance to see your swing improvement over any time frame.  I will be using an iPad and the picture and sound quality are much better than the HD cameras I have been using to date. Also, the CoachNow app is free and easy to use once you have established your account. I really think you will like the platform. 

Decade Golf

I attended the Decade Golf seminar last week in hopes that I might obtain some insights to help my students with their games. This program uses statistical analysis in helping players with their course management skills. Decade Golf has been used to great advantage by college teams, many Korn Ferry and PGA Tour players.

The card above was handed out to all attendees.  This card is supposed to help a player with the math to be used to determine exactly where he or she should aim in respect to the pin. One of the basic premises with this system is that a player's shot pattern resembles a shotgun blast rather than a rifle shot. This shot pattern should in turn be centered over the ideal shot target. The ideal target is seldom the pin itself. 

Here are some of the takeaways from the card:

*The red number on the card is the number of yards a tour player should aim from the edge of the pin side of the green. That number can change as much as 3 yards more based on where the trouble is in relation to the green. (These are the numbers around the green in the bottom right of the card.)

*A tour player averages over 3 shots to get the ball into the hole once the distance is over 160 yards.

*Driving into the rough costs .25 shots per hole. This system only works on shots from the fairway because of this dynamic. 

*The ideal target for a tour player is seldom the pin. This system gives a precise mathematical formula for where a player should aggressively play to. 

One of the things that was interesting is that it was found out that college teams that played without flags averaged 1.5 strokes lower by aiming at the center of the green rather than the flags. 

I would be happy to explain to you in person how this system can  benefit you based on your game. 
Rady Children's Hospital Tournament

Dan Epstein, one of my students, is a big supporter of this tournament. It is should be a great tournament. The date is Monday, August 12th and the venue is Lomas Santa Fe Country Club. This tournament is for a great cause. Please send in your entry if you would like to become involved. I am sure you will have a great time.  

Eucerin Sunscreen

I like to insert this information about sunscreen into one of my newsletters each year. This sunscreen was recommended to me by my dermatologist. I have had great annual appointments with her ever since I have been using it. This product is also great because it does not stain your clothing. Give it a try if you would like to try something different.
FitGolf Logo

Frog Leg Bridge
Frog Leg Bridge
I would like to share a fitness video from Jeremy Klinkhamer. This month's video shows you how to create more glut and core strength. 

I have been working with Jeremy since 2000. Jeremy is a trained physical therapist on site at Stadium Golf Center. We are so fortunate to have him. I have sent many students to Jeremy to improve both their fitness and functionality. I have seen amazing results! The evidence is both in the way they feel and the improvement that has been shown in their golf games. You can reach Jeremy at if you would like more information about what he offers.   
Short Game School

I will be away in Scotland the last week of August and the first week of September.  The date for my next short game school will be in October.  
Scott Mahlberg, PGA