Golf and Golf Performance Special Interest Group Newsletter February 2020
Hey Golf SIG Members!  
Welcome to 2020 and with the new year we bring you new Golf SIG leadership.  We are grateful for the service of Ross Brakeville, PT for serving as Chair for many years.  He did a great job of getting us where we are now, and we hope to continue the good work and move our SIG forward.  
Here is your new leadership:
Jon Rhodes, PT
Vice Chair
Lindsay Becker, PT
Jonny Eichner, PT
Adam Halseth, PT
Kaiwi Chung-Hoon, PT
Please don't hesitate to reach out to any of us if you have any questions or concerns.  We are looking to fill in one more position and if you have any interest in serving on the SIG committee then please let me know.   
Please note we have a new Facebook site for the SIG. Please join us so we can share successes and information with you via Facebook.  
Golf SIG of the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy
We hope you are attending CSM next week and if you are then please plan to attend our Golf SiG meeting.  The details of that meeting:
Friday, February 14
1:50-2:40 PM
Colorado Convention Center, Bellco 3

Check the Academy of Sports Physical Therapy website for all of the great programming that the section will be offering at CSM. Come ready to learn and also be thinking of some topics that you would like to speak on for next CSM,;we would love to have our SIG represented at these national conferences.  

Looking forward to meeting you and looking forward to a great 2020!  

Jon Rhodes, PT
Rhodes Physical Therapy
722 West Shepard Lane
Suite 105
Farmington, UT. 84025

(p) 801-447-9339
(f) 801-447-9552

First time at CSM? What to Expect:  
  • Don't forget the Exhibit Hall.
  • Stop by the AASPT Booth! Or better yet, volunteer!
  • Bring a portable charger and snacks.
  • Download the APTA Conference & Events App for the most up-to-date conference announcements.
  • Sessions do hit capacity so show up early for the sessions you really want to hear!
  • Looking into a residency, fellowship, or career change? Take advantage of the Teammates Social!
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