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88 at 88


 photo of Ted Turner


Earlier in July of this year Ted Turner shot his age for the 88th time at age 88.  This feat is truly remarkable and is a record for any member of the Wascana.  It may be a Provincial record as well and Greg Dukart is making the appropriate enquiries in this connection. Ted is a past Senior Champion at the Wascana.


Ted has been a member of the Wascana for 47 years and wife Mel has been a member for 43 years.  They celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary earlier in July.  Ted was President of the Wascana in 1992 and were one to ask what his single greatest accomplishment was during his presidency,  I'm sure he would tell you it would be the change to our By-laws which added gender neutrality, making the Wascana one of the first clubs in Western Canada to accomplish this.


Ted is one of the greatest agronomists in the history of our Province and was inducted to the Wascana Hall of Fame in 2012.  Heartiest congratulations Ted.

 - submitted by Greg Dukart, GM Wascana CC

2015 Hole-In-One Club

Congratulations to the latest additions to the Golf Saskatchewan Hole-In-One Club!


Colin Coben, July 23, Valleyview Delisle Golf & Country Club, Delisle, SK, Hole 13, Par 3, 178 Yards

Larry Gould, July 23, Saskatoon Golf & Country Club, Saskatoon, SK, Hole 6, Par 3, 175 Yards

Mike Flaman, July 25, Moonlake Golf & Country Club, Saskatoon, SK, Moors No. 3, Par 3, 108 Yards

Roland Tamke, July 27, Wildwood Golf Course, Saskatoon, SK, Hole 10, Par 3, 150 Yards

Larry McGuire, July 27, Dakota Dunes Golf Links, Saskatoon, SK, Hole 15, Par 3, 128 Yards

Jo-Anne Schiller, July 30, Lloydminster Golf & Curling Centre, Lloydminster, AB, Hole 13, Par 3, 140 Yards

Ivan Moxness, August 1, Wildwood Golf Course, Saskatoon, SK, Hole 17, Par 3, 147 Yards

Cody Callaway, August 4, Wildwood Golf Course, Saskatoon, SK, Hole 5, Par 3, 102 Yards

Jamie Howlett, August 8, The Willows Golf & Country Club, Saskatoon, SK, Lakes No. 4, Par 3, 146 Yards

Colette Lammers, August 8, Riverside Country Club, Saskatoon, SK, Hole 17, Par 3, 109 Yards

Ross Chalmers, August 12, The Legends Golf Club, Warman, SK, Hole 17, Par 3, 165 Yards

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Amateur Men's Championship Results

Amateur Men's Results:

1st place: Charles Boyechko - Winnipeg MB

2nd place: Danny Klughart - Prince Albert SK

3rd place: Mitchell Matichuk - Melville SK


Congratulations to Danny Klughart, Mitchell Matichuk and Tyler Wright who represented the Amateur Men's National Team competing at Weston Golf & Country Club and Lambton Golf & Country Club in Toronto, Ontario on August 10-13.


Click Here for the Full Results 

Senior Men's & Women's Championship Results  

Senior Women Results:

1st place: Tammy Bezaire

2nd place: Lorie Boyle

3rd place: Jo-ann Schiller

Congratulations to Tammy Bezaire, Jo-ann Schiller and Robin Acton who represented the Senior Women's National Team competing at the Sawmill Creek Golf Resort & Spa in Camlachie, Ontario on August 25-28.


Senior Men's Results:

1st place: Ken Bradley

2nd place: Colin Coben

3rd place: Daryl Herchuk

Congratulations to these 3 athletes who represented the Senior Men's National Team competing at the Desert Blume Golf Club in Medicine Hat, Alberta on August 31-September 1. 


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Women's Rosebowl Championship Results  


Women's Rosebowl Results:

1st place: Patricia Pratt & Carol Walsh

2nd place: Deneen Duncan & Irene Carlson

3rd place: Marleen Bennett & Toni Norton


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Mixed Team Championship Results  
Mixed Team Championship  Results:
1st place: Randy Gilewich & Kim Walker
2nd place: Dennis Vezeau & Kimberly Brown
3rd place: Kathy Ziglo & Ian Larocque

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Volunteer & Sponsor Recognition Golf Day  
North Battleford Golf & Country Club
Thank you to North Battleford Golf & Country Club for hosting our Volunteer & Sponsor Recognition Golf Day on September 12th! The weather was great, food was great and company was outstanding.
Thanks to our volunteers and sponsors who help make our association better every year. Looking forward to a great season next year!

First Nations Summer Games  
Host: Click to visit the Summer Games  Ochapowace First Nations website.
Golf was a one of the sports at the First Nations Summer Games played at White Bear Lake Golf Course.  There were 89 athletes who participated in the golf competition over two days.  
The winners included:

Boys (U17/U19)
Gold:  Ethan MacDonald / Kenley Lewis (OLTC)
Silver:  Roderick Smallchild / Ashton Cameron (B-O-C)
Bronze:  Seth Lafond / Keighton McNab (STC)

Boys (U13/U15)
Gold:  Drayjon Spavier / Tyrrell Littlechief (SET4)
Silver:  Teigan Wapass / Deni Kantel (MLTC)
Bronze:  Ethan MacDonald / Kenley Lewis (OLTC)

Girls (U17/U19)
Gold:   Brittany Poitras / Shay Poitras (FHQ)
Silver:  Christie Whitehawk / Meagan Sangwais (YTC)
Bronze:  Jayden Chocan / Kaylen Pahtayken (OLTC)

Girls (U13/U15)
Gold:    Avis Cook / Danica Daniels (PAGC)
Silver:  Tattiann Lavallee / Maycie Gardypie (B-O-C)
Bronze:  Desiree Genaille / Haidyn Wilson (YTC)

Programs for Golf SK Members


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on the 2015 SGHF.



Top Performers on the 2015 Order of Merit Tours

1. Marc Sweeney, Saskatoon, 2050.0
2. Roman Timmerman, Saskatoon, 1868.8
3. Kade Johnson, Yorkton, 1768.8

1. Jordan Bean, Saskatoon, 1451.3
2. Cole Nagy, Saskatoon, 1050.0
3. Josh Nagy, Saskatoon, 900.0

1. Chloe Sies, Melville, 1975.0
2. Hanna MacNeil, Shaunavon,  1100.0
3. Brooke Hobson, Prince Albert, 1000.0

1. Hallie Burke, Rocanville, 800.0
2. Ray-Lyn Schmidt, Moose Jaw, 480.0
3. Jenna Currie, Kipling, 420.0

1. Kimberly Walker, Regina, 2300.0
2. Ann Kirkland, Saskatoon, 1712.5
3. Lorie Boyle, Moose Jaw, 1275.0
1. David Stewart, Saskatoon, 2425.0
2. Brett Henry, Prince Albert, 2187.5
3. Danny Klughart, Prince Albert, 1962.5
  Senior Men's Tour
1. Colin Coben, Delisle, 2400.0
2. Paul Grimes, Arcola, 1912.5
3. Ian Laroque, Saskatoon, 1412.5

Thank you to all the participants this year and for the clubs who host the events.




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