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10th September 2022

Hi Members, 

IR Global is deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

A remarkable woman whose inspirational leadership and dedication will never be forgotten. May she rest in peace.

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As the countdown to our Annual Conference in Barcelona has begun we wanted to thank our sponsors:

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IR Regional Golf Event

It has been suggested to IR Global that it would be a nice idea to set up a regional golf and social event. The plan is that this will take place separately from the main IR events and that there would be a self-managed group of members interested in participating.


The idea is for an initial meeting to take place around April or May 2023 probably in Valencia. Valencia has been chosen as it has great restaurants, an abundance of reasonably priced hotels and a superb golf course at El Saler.


It is anticipated that this event will mainly appeal to European members but it is open to all members wherever they are based.


Are you interested in hearing more? 


Lawyer Monthly Feature: Rebecca Torrey

Roe v Wade: The Legal Perspective

The SCOTUS’s June 2022 decision to reverse the landmark Roe v Wade ruling, and with it the assumed Constitutional right to an abortion held by women in the United States, sent shockwaves through the US and the wider world.

The July 2022 Court Decision Rejecting a Federal Right Choose to Terminate a Pregnancy.

The Supreme Court of the United States decided on 24 June, 2022, that women do not have a right under the federal Constitution to choose to terminate a pregnancy by abortion....


By Rebecca Torrey, The Torrey Firm, US - California 

IR Global Spotlight on Dan Fleming

Featuring Daniel C. Fleming, Wong Fleming, US - New Jersey / Pennsylvania

Daniel Fleming of Wong Fleming is the latest IR Global Member Spotlight

Dan and his wife Linda Wong set up WongFleming in the early ‘90s, they knew they were jumping into the unknown.

Dan’s legal career had mainly focused on criminal law and later business litigation. Linda, meanwhile, was the former Assistant Director of the Civil Rights Division in New Jersey with a focus on employment law.

They’d never managed a company before and weren’t too sure how to develop the business or pull in the necessary volume of work. Linda had potential clients from her network in the employment bar, while Dan had spent some time working on litigation cases in his old firm for the government asset management agency, Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC).


Recent news from our members around the world

Enforcement of Foreign Award-Affirmation by Court is NOT a condition precedent

By Ravi Singhania, Singhania & Partners LLP, India

Smart Contracts. What are they?

By Javier Canosa, Canosa Abogados, Argentina

Business Tips: Setting KPIs And Tracking Performance

By Mike McNab, DFK Oswin Griffiths Carlton, New Zealand 

What Is The Automatic Stay And How Does It Work?

By John T. Daniel, Essex Richards, P.A., US - North Carolina 

Broadhurst LLC supports Cayman Island Red Cross

By Kyle Broadhurst, BROADHURST LLC, Cayman Islands

Be the CFO Your Client Needs!

By Mark Ferris, Panalitix

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Members Meeting Whilst Travelling

Orit Hayoun, Orit Hayoun Law Firm, Israel met with Dr. Benno A. Packi, adesse anwälte, Germany whilst travelling. 

Andrea Russo, Andrea Russo, Italy met with Eduardo Alemany, Alemany Zaragoza @ Associates, Spain

We love to see our members meeting, so if you have any travel booked please let your Client Manager know and we can provide some introduction to local members.

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