Golfers, Fakers and Dummies
April At C-Level
April is passing us by, as is the start of Q2 2021. It’s no longer a “new” year, folks – hope you’re paying attention.
Another great thing about April is Augusta – The Masters Golf Tournament. We have some great friends who work really hard there as gallery guards (I jest – they are friends, but they don’t really work hard), so we were invited as their guests to the practice rounds Mon-Tues.
Course was in great condition, azaleas were fantastic, and crowds were limited to 20-25% (think going to super bowl with only every 4th seat filled, but all concessions still open!). Great time. Here’s a few pics we took while there…
Great time had by all…

Speaking of The Masters, we had an experience there a few years ago, and mention it in this brief video discussing how we set examples for others
Big News: The 2021 Survey of Senior leadership summary is available for download. Click it and get it!
This month’s issue includes a discussion around Imposter Syndrome (don’t ya hate it?), and getting back to Leadership basics.
The April edition of At C-Level.
  1. Faker! – Leadership & The Imposter Syndrome
  2. Don’t Be a Leadership Dummy - -Stop making this so hard!
  3. The 2021 Survey of Senior leadership (SSL) summary is available to download!
We live in “interesting” times. Let us know if we can help in any way – we’re here for you.
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-- Leadership & The Imposter Syndrome

By D. Kevin Berchelmann

You still wrestling with the memory of that bully giving you a wedgie on the crowded playground at recess in the 4th grade*? I’m probably not your guy.
I’m not a psychologist, I didn’t play one on TV, and I didn’t sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night. And though I have no doubt that many of my coaching interactions sometimes feel like therapy to clients, they aren’t, and my end-game is always helping execs become better leaders and better versions of themselves.
Now, with that out of the way… a reasonably common refrain among managers of all levels and ilk is this phenomenon called Imposter Syndrome. Simply put (see “I’m not a psychologist” above), it’s feeling like you’ve pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes, and that when discovered for what you really are, folks will judge you to be unworthy – an imposter who only achieved their position through sleight of hand, guile and chicanery.

Don't Be a Leadership Dummy
… Stop making this so hard!

By Kevin Ross

I wanted to call this Leadership for Dummies, but that title was already taken. Looking through some of the other leadership improvement offerings, it boggles the mind how we’ve managed to take a subject whose basics haven’t changed in a few millennia and written a gazillion books that make it a more difficult concept to get a handle on.
Sure, new hurdles arise, technology changes, business environments change, the economy changes, we invent new ways of doing things, etc., but human nature hasn’t changed since the time of Adam and Eve and neither has what it takes to lead other humans.

As leaders, we often find ourselves in new situations – positions, companies, teams – that require us to adapt how we lead, but nothing changes what we need to do to be an effective leader. Let’s stick to the basics: We have to know where we’re leading; we have to be able to communicate that to others; and we have to be able to motivate others to help us achieve the undertaking. Plain and simple.

Here's the Survey

Triangle Performance LLC's 2021 Survey of Senior Leadership is ready for prime time! Well over 100 respondents, coupled with a pandemic and other utter craziness in our midst, and it’s not surprising that Anticipating Change, leading in a VUCA environment and Pandemic plans and responses all weighed heavily on our minds.

Please take a look at the summary, and I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions, suggestions or ideas. Just shoot me an email at your convenience (you can simply “reply” to this newsletter).

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