Hello Quilters!


    Boy, ladies… you remember the good old days when spring actually brought warm temperatures?   We had a teaser….and since then it has been so chilly!    My poor flowers can’t decide if they are outside bloomers…..or going to be houseplants forever.    I would bet that once it does settle in, it will go right to HOT…..and then we can complain about that!


     Thanks to all the ladies that joined us for the Pack Your Project Party.   Lots of laughs, lots of sewing – I think a good time was had by all.    Stay tuned – as we are planning a special sew-day for fall as well.


     Seems like we have been waiting forever for June 1 – to kick off the 2021 All-Iowa Shop Hop.    The magazines and fabrics are dwindling… if you have been waiting, might be time to jump on-board.   The shops are spiffing up their samples and stocking their supplies, waiting to welcome all the eager quilters to their shops.    Tell yourself you deserve a day away – plan some day trips.   So much inspiration out there!    And be sure to start with us!


     Last month, Leanne shared one of her favorite Midwest designers – Jill Shaulis with Yellow Creek Designs.    And we have another favorite to spotlight in May.    Twyla will be telling us about one of her favorite designers – Pieced Tree Patterns.  Rumor has it that it even required a road trip to Forest City!  Boy, the lengths our staff goes to in order to bring you the latest and the greatest!   If you have some favorite Pieced Tree projects you have made, bring them along to share!   


     Don’t forget that this is the month we are going to share our challenge of “shape shifters”.   Applique, circles, triangles, hexagons….anything but squares and rectangles.    Few rules…..should be fun!  


     Everyone is in for a real treat – as Carol will be in charge this month.   I will be on Grandma-duty next week, so Carol has graciously agreed to lead in my stead.   Heaven knows what she will have up her sleeve – but promises to be fun.   Lots of things to tempt you – a great hostess, a great program, a great challenge… will definitely want to be Gone Quilting next Tuesday night!    Bring a friend!