Good, Bad, & Crazy
The 2022 Legislative Session is full of surprises. 
Here are some surprising highlights, as of late:

  • Bad News - Annapolis Democrats support raising the Gas Tax by 37 cents in 30-Days.  
And, Here’s the Crazy: 
  • HB708 & SB528: Effectively bans Natural Gas, Propane, Oil & Gasoline use in Maryland. This policy will cause massive inflation. 

  • HB1080: Provides free comprehensive healthcare to Illegals, under the guise of ‘Equity’. 

  • HB413: Increases taxes on Health Insurance. Your health insurance premiums increase, while illegals pay nothing. 

  • HB186 - Tax cut for Centenarians. If you’re fortunate enough to live to 100, you’ll receive tax relief in Maryland. Of course, you’ll be too frail to enjoy it. (Can’t make this stuff up)

  • HB657: Requires K-12 students to complete an annual 'Mental Health Questionnaire', even without parental consent. 

  • HB898: Health Professionals must engage in ‘Early Intervention' of individuals becoming radicalized. In other words, re-education camps for people who disagree with the radical LEFT. 

  • HB428: Authorizes Maryland’s Election Machine components to be made outside of the U.S. See the floor debate here.

  • HB937: Authorizes taxpayer dollars for training a new army of Abortionists.

  • HB1171: Enshrines abortion, without restriction in Maryland’s Constitution. The bill strikes down all restrictions for late-term abortions.

  • HB862: A bill that makes it ok to mail-in two ballots from the same person. The floor debate can be seen here.

  • Maryland is the last Legislature to forcibly require masks. See my statement here

Rest assured, I will continue to fight for common-sense and against the extremist agendas of the LEFT. 

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