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Kielbasa in a Blanket

Kielbasa in a Blanket is a Hit!

By Martin Rybak, Manager
Piast Meats & Provisions

Greetings to our entire Piast family!  I hope you enjoyed watching the big game on Sunday, I heard they had 111 million viewers, which is a new record.


We also broke our Sunday record for takeout foods and catering orders! Many gracious thanks to all of you who pulled me aside to rave about our tasty new Kielbasa in a Blanket. It's a unique twist on a traditional classic, and we have now added it to our website so our online customers can give it a try! 


Just heat and serve with honey mustard sauce, barbecue sauce or apricot jam.  Delicious!  


Valentine's Day


This coming Monday, February 14, is Valentine's Day.  Many of you know that our Castle store has a gift department on the second floor that's filled with exotic imported Polish and European chocolates, cosmetics, herbs, teas, and hand-made glassware.  If you're looking for a unique or interesting gift, please visit!  

Gift Baskets

Did you know that Piast creates gourmet gift baskets?  And we've prepared a selection of our most-requested gift baskets specifically with that special someone in mind: your wife, husband, mother, father, babcia, dziadziu and more! 

Piast Gift Basket

What better way to impress the person you love than with a unique combination of our famous homemade Polish foods and imported European delicacies!  These gift baskets are beautiful but fragile, so they are for in-store pickup only. 

Each basket is made to order, SO RESERVE YOURS TODAY by calling (888) PIAST-US from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Online Specials
If you can't pick up a gift basket in-store, don't worry!  Choose one of our delicious online specials and samplers.  We prepare these fresh as soon as you order them, and they can be shipped to all 50 states.  

By popular demand, we have also created a Piast twist on the College Care Package.  Do you have relatives or friends who are studying at college?
Surprise them with a wholesome package of gourmet old-world goodies that will remind them of mom or babcia.  We've had some great feedback on this, and we promise: your loved one will be the talk of the dorm! 


We wish you all an enjoyable holiday! Keep looking for Spring to come soon!  From our family to yours, 


     Martin Rybak
     Manager, Piast Meats & Provisions

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Kielbasa in a Blanket   
This savory fingerfood is the hit of our local catering offer. Now you can order it online with convenient delivery to any address in the US.

Imagine this: juicy three-inch links of our famous smoked BBQ kielbasa stuffed with creamy American cheese and wrapped in a thin puff pastry dough.  They're oven-roasted and ready to go. Just reheat and serve!  

For your dipping pleasure, try our honey mustard sauce, barbecue sauce or apricot jam - the perfect contrast and complement!

Packed with Care!

Did you know that people in 43 states and the District of Columbia have ordered delicious Polish and Eastern European foods from Piast?

Your order is shipped in our proprietary keep-cool carton with dry ice technology.  We ship fresh to arrive fresh at your door.  That's why we ship only on particular days. 
See the photo gallery of us preparing and shipping actual customer orders!  

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