As the spring planting season begins new ground must be prepared  . . .
 . . for some gardeners, this means clearing out over wintering vegetables. While being a delight throughout the frost bite months, these green giants now need to be eaten or composted. Quickly.  You can help by picking up a bunch or two yourself as you enjoy the Easter break over the next few days.  All going well there ought to be bunches of S pinach, Old Delaway Kale, and big bunches of parsley available to take away for free. We are eating enormous amounts of parsley thanks to this recipe .  

Food waste is a serious issue and you can read more about it below. If you'd like masses of green stuff and are prepared to pick your own, contact us here

Earth Day is on Saturday April 22 and we are planning a big Spring Clean. We will celebrate with cake and coffee afterwards thanks to the lovely people at the country market. We will meet at 10 am outside the pub. We've order new Hi Viz Vests in beautiful colours. We'll have gloves and bags and pickers and paint and brushes. What can we accomplish if we work together for two hours? Lots we hope!  Plan to come? Turn up or just let us know here