Good Friday Offering
Dear Friends,

One of the efforts supported by the Good Friday Offering for the Church in the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East is the Christian Church in Iraq. This past October, the people of St. George, Baghdad celebrated a Festival of Faith. "In the midst of hardship and at a time of disturbing political developments, the many Christians who attended joyously reaffirmed their faith in God, the Holy Trinity, who is Lord of all," states the Rev. Faiz Jerjes. This province includes North Africa and the Horn of Africa as well as the Middle East - some of the most desperate places in the world, where heroic work is being done in Anglican schools and hospitals, and via organizations that gather all three Abrahamic faiths to work together.

In his letter asking for our support, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry writes: "I believe our partnership with those who keep the faith of Jesus alive in the region where our Lord walked and began his movement is a significant aspect of our work as part of the church catholic."

Resources including bulletin inserts, posters, and the Presiding Bishop's full letter can be found at . If I can be of any assistance in your efforts, please let me know.

Contributions to the Good Friday Offering are best combined in a single parish check, made out to The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society with "Good Friday Offering" in the memo field.

Mail to:       DFMS - Protestant Episcopal Church US
                    PO Box 958983
                    St. Louis, MO 63195-8983

This is one way that we can concretely "love God, love our neighbor, and change the world".

With gratitude for your time and attention,
Margaret C. D'Anieri
Canon for Mission
Diocese of Ohio