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Lucky 7 Magic 8
Money Bag Bundle
Increase Prosperity by Intention Each & Every Day!

This Special Bundle is worth over $140.
It's yours for only $55
It includes
1.) Green or Purple Money Bag Purse - These two colors represent the color of money and prosperity $55 value
2.) Lucky 7, Magic 8 Money Maker Kit with instructions, crystals and your first lucky dollar bill. $29.99 value
3.) Money Magnet for your fridge. Put your manifesting list under it so you will look at your manifesting list several times a day! $10 value
4.) Money Bill Holder for your Law of Abundance checks, etc. $8 value
5.) A Gold Lucky Elephant to display in your office or wealth corner of your home to attract good luck. $10 value
6.) Manifesting Journal - To write your intentions out. $8 value
7.) Wallet with Chinese lucky coin. Always carry one in your our wallet to attract wealth $20 value. You will get a solid color or a money print one of our choice.
Note from Maria: your order will be shipped in an insured box. Because of the large size of the purse, postage will be priority mail. It can be a little higher price than first class so I would like to give you a free gift to offset the cost of the postage. If you would like it please include a note with the color of the purse you wish, that you would also like a free surprise gift. It will be a value of at least the postage cost.
*You get your choice of Green or Purple Money Purse until quantities run low and then we choose color for you. We have 25 of each color. So don't delay!
September Report Special
Best Places to Live Report
It's Back!
I love this! Rather than you trying to figure out from a relocation chart, the best places to live or visit, this report does all of the calculations. Plus it gives you 200 of the very best cities for you, for love to career to happiness and more.
If you are a writer you’d want to move or at least spend some time in a city, that inspired your creativity.
If you are looking for love or hope to enhance a relationship, this report will give you the 200 best cities in the United States (or another country, if you specially choose one) for love and relationships Who knows? It may be the next town over? Perhaps you could travel there or maybe do a dating site search for that area. Why waste time looking for love in the wrong places when you’ve got cities with a soul mate waiting?
There’s even a list for Optimism and Opportunity! Things may drop in your lap in the specific cities listed.
If you need to be focused and determined, there are cities listed to enhance these traits which are great for long term goal setting.
Here's the list!
You get all of them Included
Love and Romance
Vocation and Career
Responsibility and Focus
Excitement, Fun and Instability
Optimism and Opportunity
Inspiration, Culture and Creativity
Family and Friends
Detailed Family and Friends (immediate family; spouse, kids)
Education and Communication
Because this report is so detailed and full of tons of calculations, based on your chart, it is $49. It never changes. This is your life list!
It's well worth your investment. If you are going to take a vacation, you choose from the list of 200 places you’d have fun in by looking at the places picked for excitement, fun and instability. But these cities with the unstable energy may not be a good choice for career or focus as they are suited better for fun! If you are thinking about moving somewhere but not sure where, get my report and then visit a few on the list and see if you like the vibe. I bet you will!
Astro News
Maria Shaw
The Moon and Jupiter
Help Us Receive Blessings
and Good Karma
On September 9 at 5:03p.m. (eastern time), we all get a chance to shift our energy into a higher vibration/frequency. The Moon and Jupiter form a lovely, healing trine that can shift energy from a lower vibration to a higher one. You may feel this energy a few hours before and after the exact time the aspect hits. But here's the best way to use this energy:
Do a good deed. Whatever good deed you do tomorrow, around this time, will be rewarded three fold at some point in the future.Watch also for unexpected encounters, opportunities to help others, to pay it forward and more. If something good happens to you tomorrow, understand that karma is coming back to you for previous good deeds you have done.
Please share this newsletter with your friends so they know this aspect is coming so they can participate in this good karma time too.

September 13-15 The Sun opposes Neptune.
Some people may be extra sensitive and could easily get their feelings hurt. So be careful with your words. Not everything is as it seems. You may come face to face with some sort of reality and not want to accept the facts. If you are undecided about what to believe, ask trusted friends who have your best interest at heart.
September 16  Sun Trines Pluto. I think this is going to be a powerful and lucky day in some way. I would recommend everyone do something to move their goals along now. You will also find helpful people who want to assist you making some dreams come true. This is a good day to ask for a favor.

September 17  Venus Squares Saturn. Some of you reading this may feel a little lonesome today and as if no one cares about you. This will pass. It is a temporary feeling so please do not dwell on this. You are loved and it would be a mistake to avoid spending them with others. Make a point even if you have to push yourself, to go out and have some fun.

September 20  We have a Full Moon coming in Pisces which will trine Pluto. This is a perfect Full Moon to go somewhere near the water or a beach, lake, oceanfront, etc. You will be itching’ to go on a trip and just escape from your daily routine. Many of you will have some interesting and vivid dreams. They have a special meaning so try to remember them and write them down. 
Mercury Trines Jupiter. We have another astrological aspect on the same day as the Full Moon that will leave you feeling happy and optimistic about life.

Forewarned is Forearmed.
September 23 - Circle this day as one to be extra careful. Uranus opposes Venus and it will appear as if nothing is going right. You may feel as if the world is working against you and anything you attempt to do, won’t move along as planned. Put off big events until another day if you can. Do not schedule beauty consults or appointments. They will not go well.
If you are feeling a little paranoid in your relationship, do not make any sudden abrupt moves or cause drama, breakups, etc. Stay calm. Thank Goodness this aspect only lasts 1 day!

Attention Minnesota Friends
I will be back October 16 and 17th at the Radisson Blu, Mall of America for a 2 day Psychic Fair and Classes. If you are a premiere pass holder and need to register for the weekend please let me know. I am booking Friday October 16, for in person reading appointments. Email or call me at or 810-631-6887. I am teaching a wonderful class over that weekend. I am offering a discounted rate right now of $49 instead of $89 for the weekend. Sign up here.

Saturday October 17
$49 for the entire weekend! Save $40!
10a.m. - 12noon
The 7 Soul Paths with Maria Shaw
We all are on a soul journey that includes one of the following paths; saint, sinner, psychic/mystic, healer, family gatekeeper, martyr and more. I will explore each path and reveal information that will help you understand this lifetime better and it's rewards, challenges, consequences and eventually enlightenment.
2p.m. - 3:30p.m. Your Autumn Lucky Times using Astrology

Sunday October 18
10:30a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Maria Shaw Crossing Over Gallery
2:30p.m - 3:30p.m. Lily of the Light Attracting the Mystical Energy of Halloween.
Photo by Arthur
Psychic and Astrology Phone Readings with Maria

Available in September
By Phone.
15, 30 and 60 minutes

Just need 1 or 2 questions answered quickly?
Order a 1 or 2 question reading which I record the answers and send it back to your email so you can listen. 24-48 hour turnaround time. I have a special! if you ask 2 questions, you get a third free when ordered at the same time.

Someone wrote me last week to tell me their mother was in her last days and ready to pass on. My client asked if I had any words of wisdom to share on how she could help her mother in her final days. I was pondering what to say to her and then this popped up on social media. I shared it with her and on my social media page. But for those of you who have not seen it, I thought it would be good to share here in the newsletter. It was written by a Death Doula, Sarah Kerr.

Expected Death
When someone dies, the first thing to do is nothing. Don't run out and call the nurse. Don't pick up the phone. Take a deep breath and be present to the magnitude of the moment. 
There's a grace to being at the bedside of someone you love as they make their transition out of this world. At the moment they take their last breath, there's an incredible sacredness in the space. The veil between the worlds opens.
We're so unprepared and untrained in how to deal with death that sometimes a kind of panic response kicks in. "They're dead!" 
We knew they were going to die, so their being dead is not a surprise. It's not a problem to be solved. It's very sad, but it's not cause to panic.
If anything, their death is cause to take a deep breath, to stop, and be really present to what's happening. If you're at home, maybe put on the kettle and make a cup of tea.
Sit at the bedside and just be present to the experience in the room. What's happening for you? What might be happening for them? What other presences are here that might be supporting them on their way? Tune into all the beauty and magic. 
Pausing gives your soul a chance to adjust, because no matter how prepared we are, a death is still a shock. If we kick right into "do" mode, and call 911, or call the hospice, we never get a chance to absorb the enormity of the event.
Give yourself five minutes or 10 minutes, or 15 minutes just to be. You'll never get that time back again if you don't take it now.
After that, do the smallest thing you can. Call the one person who needs to be called. Engage whatever systems need to be engaged, but engage them at the very most minimal level. Move really, really, really, slowly, because this is a period where it's easy for body and soul to get separated.
Our bodies can gallop forwards, but sometimes our souls haven't caught up. If you have an opportunity to be quiet and be present, take it. Accept and acclimatize and adjust to what's happening. Then, as the train starts rolling, and all the things that happen after a death kick in, you'll be better prepared.
You won't get a chance to catch your breath later on. You need to do it now. 
Being present in the moments after death is an incredible gift to yourself, it's a gift to the people you're with, and it's a gift to the person who's just died. They're just a hair's breathe away. They're just starting their new journey in the world without a body. If you keep a calm space around their body, and in the room, they're launched in a more beautiful way. It's a service to both sides of the veil.

Close up moon in woman s hands sunset on the beach seaside background
Messages from Maria

Maryann - Say yes to an invitation that comes out of the blue. You will meet someone wonderful.

Kris - Buy the ring for yourself. You won't regret it.

Missy- A trip to the east coast will soon come up. Pack your bags!

Johnny - You will be offered a job from a former boss. Ask for more money this time and you will get it.

Adrian - You should accept Bob's apology.

Ronesha - Make an effort to get along with the step family, especially for your dad's sake.

Jenny - Invite a co worker over for dinner. You will make a new and long lasting friendship if you do.

Sherry- You can buy the house you want if you will sell a few things for a bigger down payment.

Marcelle - Your business idea is a good one. I urge you to start doing something with it soon.

Buy One Get One Premiere Pass Free
Saginaw Cosmic Connections Convention
October 28 - 31
4 Points by Sheraton, Saginaw Mi

Big Psychic and Healing Fair
9a.m. to 5p.m. Friday - Sunday $5 admission $10/$20 readings
20 Psychics and healers to choose from on a walk in basis
Huge shopping area with crystals, fashion avenue, new age items, jewelry, and more.

Thursday October 28
5p.m. Check in, readings and early bird shopping

6:30p.m. The Psychic Circle with Maria and friends
Meet the psychics who you’ll be spending Halloween weekend with! Join us in the Psychic Circle as the readers deliver channeled messages and mini readings to the audience. So much fun!

Friday October 29
10a.m. to 12noon Manifesting Miracles with Maria Shaw. Learn some potent and powerful ways to manifest what you desire; getting results sometimes immediately! Learn how to understand if what you are asking for is for your highest good and will come to pass. Don't waste time dwelling on things you are not supposed to have. Focus on what, how and when to create the best things in life for you.

2:30p.m. to 4p.m. Kristi’s Got Your Number. Minnesota’s fan favorite Kristi Z shares her knowledge of numerology and helps you understand your personal numbers and how they affect your life. Do you see specific numbers on a regular basis? Kristi can tell you what these numerical messages from the universe means and how to use them to your advantage,

7:30p.m. - 9p.m. Crossing Over Gallery; Our team of Psychics is lead by Maria to channel messages from loved ones in heaven. You never know who will show up! People, parents, friends and even pets!


Saturday October 30
10a.m. to 11:30am. Jana Corrine - Say Yes to Saying No! Know your Worth! How to ask for what you deserve; teach and retrain people, family, friends, co workers, clients and others how to respect your time, energy and money. 

10a.m. to 11:30a.m. Gale Wulff - Wake up Right! How to Have a Great Day everyday by Waking Up Right. Learn techniques to create the most positive and happy vibes to insure a wonderful, amazing and productive day, each day!

2:15p.m. - 3:30p.m. Anne Partynski Healing Past Life Traumas; Discover how inlaid trauma because your current life roadblock and how to heal those generational scars.

2:15p.m. - 3:30p.m. Debby Harden - Showering Yourself with Light and Protection. Smudge it out! Clearing and healing your aura, Learn the proper way to clear and cleanse your personal space.

4:15 p.m. to 5:15p.m. How Psychic Are You? With Kathy Tinglan; Everyone is psychic. But how do you know to what extent and how powerful your natural intuitive gifts really are?

4:15 to 5:15p.m. Mary Beth Romach - Soul Yearnings. Following your passion is important to living life to the fullest. MaryBeth will share her insight on how to know that you are truly on the right path!

8:00p.m. - Join Mr Halloween in a Costume Parade with fun prizes! Then settle in for Joe Lawson Paranormal Power hour.

Sunday October 31
10a.m. - 11:30a.m. Tisha - Soul Connections between lovers, family, friends, spirit guides and more.

10a.m. to 11:30a.m. Victoria; You can find your inner resonance and peace with tuning forks played on, as well as around, the body. Learn the basics on how the forks work and tips on how to use them with yourself and others as well as with Reiki.

1p.m. - 2:30p.m. Sandy - How You can Tap into the The Other Side and Receive Clear, Concise messages from your loved ones in heaven.

1p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Madam Oracle; The Oracle Goddess; Enhancing your vibration, energy field and Physical body.

3:15p.m. to 4:15p.m. Maria Shaw
The Lucky Aspects for all of the signs in 2022 because of the Jupiter transits
with Maria Shaw

Extra Add ons not included in your pass. You can purchase Lunch and Dinner Presentations

Friday October 29
12:30 to 2p.m. Luncheon Lecture - Extra Charge. Not included in your pass. Limited to 40 People. Reserve your spot now!

The 5 “Soul Paths” with Maria Shaw
Which path are you on in this lifetime? Which one are you walking and how it is helping, hindering, hurting or healing your souls’ growth? Maria shares the five paths and helps you understand more about your soul’s journey.
Gourmet Wrap Sandwiches, sun-dried tomato, crispy chicken or, ham and turkey. Salad with assorted toppings and dressings, Cookies. $39 for lunch and lecture

5:30p.m. Dinner Lecture

Your Karmic Rewards and Debt with Maria. Between now and December 28, 2021, we are all on a karmic journey to complete a lesson or soul contract. If we do so successfully, then we will recieve a major blessing before May 11 2022. If you do not, you will have to deal with the same challenge up until 2052
All You Can Eat Pizzeria Uno Pizza Buffet and Breadsticks.Ice Cream Bar with An array of Topping. $49 includes Buffet and Lecture

Saturday October 30
12:30p.m. - 2p.m. Luncheon Lecture (Extra Charge)
Intimate Crossing Over Gallery; Smaller group, more messages. Join Maria as she channels messages from loved ones on the other side.
All you can eat, Soup and Salad Bar with Grilled chicken, pasta salad and assorted toppings and dressings. Breadsticks, chips, cookies.

6p.m. to 7:45p.m. (Dinner with extra charge)
Maria Shaw 2022 Predictions for all of the signs
All You can Eat Pasta Bar, breadsticks, salad, Ghiradelli Chocolate Brownies
$49 include lecture and dinner bar.

Ticket Specials
Best Value
Premiere Pass for all days and evening events (excludes meal/lectures)

2 for 1 TICKETS
Regularly $149 but now 2 for $149

Premiere Passes
August 21 - September 15, $99 per person
September 15- October 15 $109 per person
October 15 to October 28 $149 per person

Two Day Pass $99

1 day Pass $59

Psychic Circle Only $25

Crossing Over Gallery Only $45

Individual Classes $20 per class

Joe Lawson Paranormal Power Hour $25

For info on the events call Maria at 810-631-6887

For hotel accommodations
Call 989 790 5050, ask for the Maria Shaw rate and save!