Thursday, July 22, 2021
Emerging Leader Spotlight
Credit union: Neighbors FCU
Title: Member Experience Specialist

Demonstration of Leadership: Because of Carla’s work ethic, initiative, and leadership ability, she was chosen to launch and lead the new Member Experience Team at Neighbors FCU in 2017. With her high level of product knowledge and familiarity with the majority of operations, she has recognized errors and made suggestions for process improvements. In addition, she has created a highly productive stream of income with product and service conversions.

Community Service/Volunteer Activities: Carla has participated in the Neighbors Day Volunteer Effort for multiple years, doing things such as preparing lunches for the needy and cleaning toys at juvenile facilities.

What do her peers say? Carla is recognized throughout our organization for the value she brings, continuing to be a tremendous difference-maker. Having the focus to dive deep into these issues using sound judgement is exactly what the credit union needs. The Emerging Leader program is the perfect opportunity to showcase Carla and what a champion she is for the credit union industry.

Will Carla be our 2021 Emerging Leader Winner? Find out on the main stage at LCUL’s 2021 Convention this August!
Convention Highlight

Dust off those Senior Pictures... We Want to See Your Blast from the Past!
Keeping in line with our 2021 annual convention theme, LCUL is reaching out to registered attendees and asking them to submit their high school picture. We’ll showcase our credit union classmates throughout the event as a fun, interactive element. This is not required, just an added touch of LCUL flair. Feel free to share your ‘blast from the past’ by emailing no later than Friday, July 30.

LCUL's Advocacy Mid-year Activity Report Highlights Strong Engagement with Policymakers 
From interviews with elected candidates to virtual Hike the Hills to countless meetings with regulatory agencies, LCUL strongly advocated on behalf of Louisiana credit unions during the first half of 2021.

Your league connected credit unions with public officials to address challenges facing the industry and provided a platform to share our successes during these unusual times. As we enter the second half of the calendar year, we wanted to provide credit unions with a brief advocacy activity report and what you can expect the rest of 2021.
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