Tuesday, September 14
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Our 2022 strategic planning will focus on:
Member's Digital Experience
Financial Performance
Diversity & Inclusion
Agile Workforce
Value of Membership

Last Chance: Eliminating Field of Membership as an Obstacle to Your Growth
Tomorrow, September 15
9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Sam Brownell, founder and CEO of CUCollaborate, will provide everything you need to know with an in-depth discussion of chartering, field of membership, how it impacts growth and what to do about it. He will share tips and strategies to construct your field of membership to support growth and configure your service network and digital channels to support it.
This session is FREE for member credit unions, but registration is required.

Joint Letter: Louisiana Credit Unions, Banks Take a Stand Against IRS Reporting
LCUL and the Louisiana Bankers Association (LBA) joined forces to issue a letter to the editor concerning the recent IRS reporting proposal that would require financial institutions to report how much money has gone in and out of accounts holding more than $600.

LCUL and the LBA believe this proposal creates massive data security and customer privacy concerns. Furthermore, banks and credit unions already report a tremendous amount of data to the IRS, which the IRS has publicly stated it does not have the capacity to utilize. The amount of new information submitted to the IRS related to this proposal would be unmanageable and of questionable relevance to the calculation of taxable income.
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Campus Federal Presents LSU President William Tate IV with $11,000 Donation to the LSU Foundation
University of Louisiana FCU Honors Employee with Blood Drive

A Little Lagniappe...

Leading a Company Through 'The Great Resignation'
Some leaders scoff at the notion that 30 percent of workers would actually leave their jobs, but a record four million Americans quit their jobs in April and experts predict the trend will only rise. Here's how to withstand the coming wave.