Thursday, June 10, 2021

CFPB Issues FAQs on Regulation E & Escrow Accounts
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently issued sets of frequently asked questions on Electronic Fund Transfer Act and Regulation E requirements, as well as servicing escrow accounts under Regulation X. 

The Regulation E FAQs address situations in which a consumer is fraudulently induced by a third party to provide their account information or private network rules conflict with the regulation, among others.  

The Regulation X FAQs are broken down into four categories: General; Escrow account analysis; Deficiencies, shortages, and surpluses; and Public guidance documents. 

In addition to restating the regulation, the questions describe the CFPB’s approach to the public guidance documents and their relationship to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s prior guidance. 

Help Us Reach Our Goal: CULAC's $30 by the 30th Campaign
June is here which means it’s time for CULAC's annual $30 by the 30th campaign. This is one of the best ways to support one of our movement’s strongest advocacy tools – by donating $30 or more to CULAC by June 30th.  

In the past few years, Louisiana has averaged 15 donors in this campaign. This year, our goal is to have 30 donors to ensure Louisiana’s participation is at its max! Take a second to click this link and move us closer to our goal.

Contributions to CULAC are not tax deductible.

All contributions are voluntary and will be used for political purposes. You have the right to refuse to contribute without any reprisal. Guidelines contained herein are merely suggestions. You may contribute more or less than the guidelines suggest, and CUNA will not favor nor disadvantage you by reason of the amount of your contribution or a decision not to contribute.
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