Tuesday, June 21
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If you had to sit through a panel discussion, which topic is more your language?
Credit Unions Rapid Response to Current Trends
Retail Delivery Channels
Overcoming Strategic Challenges
Lets Talk Politics and Economy
Convention Spotlight

A Tale of 'Perseverance' from a NASA Engineer
As the planetary protection lead of NASA’s famed Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) team, Dr. Moogega
“Moo” Cooper played an integral part in successfully landing Perseverance on the surface of Mars in 2021.

This real life “Guardian of the Galaxy” will enthrall you with her inspirational story of her journey to the top of the male dominated field of space exploration while sharing leadership lessons – the NASA way and highlighting how taking
risks, pushing limits, being willing to explore new things and having perseverance pays off to benefit all mankind.
Professional Development

Just Added: Dues Subsidized Virtual Program on Fair Labor Standards Act
The FLSA continues to be one of the most troublesome statutes in terms of HR compliance, and the risks of collective actions and sizable verdicts are on the increase as plaintiff's attorneys seize upon wage-hour claims as "easy pickings." Exempt or non-exempt; calculating overtime on multiple rates, bonuses and extra compensation; compensable working time or not. This two hour program is presented on June 30 in collaboration with The Raiffeisen Group (TRGroup) for only $49!
CU Stories
GNO FCU Hosts Home Buyers Seminar with Exciting Announcements for Harvey Branch
Campus Federal Supports Shreveport Little Theatre 100-Year Anniversary
Louisiana Credit Union Win Big at the 2022 "MAC Awards"
A Little Lagniappe...

Will NFT's Disrupt the Lending Market?
Can non-fungible tokens (NFTs) disrupt the lending market? And should credit unions, which are showing heightened interest in cryptocurrency, be entering this space as well?

Lou Grilli, senior innovation strategist at PSCU, believes many credit unions will eventually answer “yes” to both questions, noting NFTs are already playing a part in the lending marketplace.
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What is the best way to contact you regarding League information?

  • 68% responded: Right here in League Lowdown
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  • 2% responded: On Social Media
  • 2% responded: Mail me something