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April 28, 2020


This one man quartet was suggested by several of you. Enjoy this inspirational song by clicking on the picture below.

Is God in control?                                                                   

In this time of upheaval, we wonder about God. Did God send this virus? Can God stop this virus? Does God want to stop the virus? Is this God’s way of cleaning house? This is springtime after all. What exactly is God doing?

We are praying. Many are even fasting and praying. Though some are spouting off about God either disrespectfully or incorrectly, others are turning to God for answers. This year, we are being forced to stay home and look at our life a little more carefully… of reflecting…of listening to God and to each other.

Scripture gives us some clues about God and his response, as this is not the first time disaster has fallen on the human race. Noah experienced a cataclysmic disaster in the worldwide flood as did Egypt during the plagues. Those who claimed to be God’s people were not exempt. God expected them to do the right thing.

But what is the right thing?

Some say it is okay that a few people die. Some say we should do all we can to make sure no one dies. Medical doctors are faced with the dilemma of who to save and who not to save. Are the medical doctors in charge of who dies or is God? If God is in charge, then why does he allow some to die and not others? Is death a bad thing? We all know of people we think God should have allowed to live a little longer on this earth, but in the end we have to trust God knows best.

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.”
Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare
and from the deadly pestilence.”
Psalm 91:1-3

Are you trusting God will cause good to come from this disaster? Rest assured that you are safe in the shadow of the Almighty.

Daily Salt and Light Suggestions
PRAY: Do a regular prayer walk in your neighborhood, praying for each household.

ENCOURAGE: See our new outreach idea below for being a light to others.

CONNECT: Offer to do the shopping (including the pharmacy) for a neighbor who needs help.
Send a Thank You Note to Our Local Grocery Store Workers!
The people who are making sure we can buy food are also taking risks to do so. They interact with more people in an hour than most of us have interacted with in a month dramatically increasing their risk of catching COVID-19. Let's show them God's love by expressing our gratitude.

There are 103 employees at the Raleys on Pleasant Grove and Woodcreek Oaks. We have contacted the store and shared with them our idea and they gave us every employee's first name. Would you be willing to write a thank you note to a few of them? If enough of us do so, all 103 will be showered with appreciation, which they probably seldom receive, especially in writing.

Here's how:
  1. Contact the office at
  2. Let us know how many cards you want to write (you provide the card or stationary)
  3. We will email you a list of names to write to and give you instructions on how to send the cards or notes.

It will cost you a little time. It may cost you a little money. But what price can you put on sharing the light of Christ and brightening someone's day?

Our hope is that all of you will participate!
Be Careful When You Forward This Email

We are so encouraged that you think highly enough of this email to forward it to others. However, some of the people who have been forwarded this email have hit the unsubscribe button thinking it will unsubscribe them. It doesn't. It unsubscribes YOU. So, make sure the people you forward this email to know you are doing it, want you to do it, and know not to "unsubscribe."

If you know someone who has been accidentally unsubscribed, let us know at the office and we will send them instructions on how they can resubscribe.

The timing may be off, but the message of the poem is timeless.
Poetry by Barbara Clement

Do you have any original art that you created yourself to share? It could be paintings, drawings, crafts, sewing, photography, sock puppets...If so, send a picture to us at .
This coming Sunday is when we would normally collect food for the St. Vincent DePaul Food Bank. The need there is unprecedented right now. We will collect food items all week long. Just drop off you nonperishable items in the grey container next to the doors on the west side of the church where the drive-thru portico is. Someone will pick up your donations each evening. Get your neighbors involved! Ask them to make donations as well and offer to pick them up and bring them to the church.

If you are at high-risk and/or not able to do your own grocery shopping, please request assistance through the PGCC Shopping Assistance Program. If you need assistance, please call the church office at 916-771-4447 and someone will contact you to make arrangements.

Do you need help? Someone to talk to? Running out of food or supplies? Please reach out and contact us. We are trying to make sure everyone in our congregation gets a call, just to check in, from someone else in our congregation, but it's a long list and sometimes we have the wrong information. You don't need to wait for a call, you can contact us. We are here for you.

Call us at 916-771-4447 (If no one answers, please leave a message.)
Email us at
Prayer Requests to
Write us at 1730 Pleasant Grove Blvd, Roseville, CA 95747.

Blessings, PGCC staff

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If you know of someone not receiving this email, they can request to receive it by emailing but they must request it themselves.
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