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Good Morning PGCC
April 9, 2020
Several you have suggested this very cute video. Click on the picture to watch.
We are doing the Stations of the Cross for our devotionals this week. This devotional will be sent out separately immediately after this email. You can see previous Stations devotions by CLICKING HERE

Ask God who you should invite. Invite them to watch our Easter video. Pray for those you invited.

How to Invite

CALL them on the phone and tell them to go to on Sunday morning and click on "Watch Our Easter Service."

SEND them an email invitation. We sent an invitation on Wednesday morning that you can find in your inbox (or trash if you "accidentally" deleted it) and then forward to your friends.

PRINT an invitation and tape it to their door (or window, car, dog - whatever you think you can get away with) CLICK HERE to get an invitation you can print.
A Quick Thought from Pastor Phil
I was reading Colossians 4 as part of my daily quiet time this week and these verses struck me for their relevance to our current “stay at home” circumstances.

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains” (Col. 4:2-3).

Paul is forcibly “sheltered in place.” He’s in chains. He’s not going anywhere. But what does he ask prayer for? Despite not being able to go anywhere, Paul prays for an open door to share the good news about Jesus.

Will you join me in praying for the same thing for yourselves and for our church? Pray that despite not being able to get out, God will open doors for us to share with our neighbors the good news about Jesus. Jesus is alive and offers salvation, new life, and eternal life that gives us confidence and hope!
This is our weekly reminder to:

Give Time to God
How are you connecting with God these days? Are you setting aside some time each day to read your Bible and pray? Our Stations of the Cross devotionals are a good place to start.

Give Time to Reach Out and Serve Others
Bless someone with a card or call. Donate food and ask your neighbors to join you (see below). Make sure your neighbors and friends from church are not slipping through the cracks. Find out if they need help and help them if you can, or contact the church to see how we can help.

Give Financially to the Church
So many of you have been continuing your faithful giving by mail or online. THANK YOU!

Give by Mail
Send your check to: PGCC,  1730 Pleasant Grove Blvd, Roseville 95747.
We are checking the mail daily.

Give Online
CLICK HERE to go to our Online Giving page. It will take you through a sign-up process. You will need your checking account number and bank routing number handy follow the directions. Make sure you fill out the Profile section as this is necessary. If you have problems, call the church during office hours. One signed up, online giving is easy, fast and secure and we have been seeing growing numbers of people giving this way.
20 Prayers to Pray Regarding COVID-19
by Jen Pollock Michel in Christianity Today

Prayers 11-15

11. For Christian missionaries throughout the world, especially in areas with high rates of infection: God, provide them with words of hope, and equip them to love and serve those around them.

12. For workers in a variety of industries facing layoffs and financial hardship: God, keep them from panic, and inspire your church to generously support them.

13. For families with young children at home for the foreseeable future: God, help mothers and fathers to partner together creatively for the care and flourishing of their children. For single mothers and fathers, grow their networks of support.

14. For parents who cannot stay home from work but must find care for their children: God, present them with creative solutions.

15. For those in need of regular therapies and treatments that must now be postponed: God, help them to stay patient and positive.
There is a large grey tub outside the church doors under the portico on the west side of the church. You can drop off your food there. Someone will pick it up each day.

Take some time to send a “thank you” note or card to the uniformed men and women at one or both of these fire stations that serve our area. 

Roseville Fire Station #5
1565 Pleasant Grove Blvd
Roseville, CA 95747

Roseville Fire Station #9
2451 Hayden Parkway
Roseville, CA 95747
If you are at high-risk and/or not able to do your own grocery shopping, please request assistance through the PGCC Shopping Assistance Program. If you need assistance, please call the church office at 916-771-4447 and someone will contact you to make arrangements to help you.

THE SOURCE if you don't have a computer
If you know someone from church who does not have a computer to access their copy of The Source, have them call us at church and we will mail them a copy.

Call us at 916-771-4447
Email us at
Prayer Requests to
Write us at 1730 Pleasant Grove Blvd, Roseville, CA 95747

Blessings, PGCC staff

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