Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The William Jessup University Choir
An inspiring music video performed by the WJU Choir and produced by
WJU Visual Arts students. Click on the video above.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
In my experience, this poem definitely is more of a fairy tale than reality. I have vivid memories of my Mom trying to get the four of us kids down for a nap on Christmas Eve afternoon because we were spending the evening at my Great Aunt and Uncle’s home in Marin county. We were so excited and rambunctious, she even had to separate us, spreading the four of us out into different rooms so we would not antagonize each other and actually rest. (Yes, kids shared bedrooms and bathrooms back then.)

I remember Dad coming home from work a bit early on Christmas Eve which was different and fed into our excitement. After a nap (or maybe not), we would get dressed up in our Sunday finest, pile into the Willy’s Jeep packing up side dishes for dinner and presents for everyone we would see, and make the drive from South San Francisco over to San Rafael in Marin county. The excitement rose as we neared Auntie Skip and Uncle Bum’s house until we were finally there and shared hugs and kisses all around.

Arriving back home later than our typical bedtime we went to sleep pretty fast but by about 4:30 AM the four of us kids were up and ready to open presents! Dad would build a barricade in the hallway to keep us back from the tree and all the presents. He and Mom would try to coax us back to bed shouting vacant threats down the hallway from their room but there was no way we could settle down at that point. “How can I sleep? There are unknown treasures under that tree for each one of us! Maybe Santa brought me those pretty white roller skates I was hoping for, and if not the skates maybe he brought me something else that I had been dreaming of.” Sleep was impossible and the anticipation unbearable. I thought I would burst from excitement.

The funny thing is, even though our home is quiet now, I still tend to wake up earlier than I should on Christmas morning. That sense of excitement, awe and anticipation still stirs within me 66 years later. What is different is that the excitement I feel at this point in my life is not based on the unknown contents of beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree (I wrapped them all myself) but on the reality of the greatest gift we have all been given—Jesus. The excitement is from the knowledge of the birth of our Savior. That precious baby boy, born to a virgin, loved and nurtured by earthly parents yet the Son of God. A baby whose life and subsequent death has provided me life eternal with Him. This is truly the greatest gift ever known … Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
 Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6
from our missionaries Will & Linda Wakeling

A few months ago in a very closed, Middle Eastern country, a small team of local church planters were going from village to village and being completely rejected. They were offering to show the JESUS film in the local language using a Jesus Film Project film backpack set (complete with HD projector, screen, speakers, and solar panels). Eventually, one village leader greeted the team with enthusiasm.

The village leader said, “Last night every person in our village had the exact same dream – in the dream Jesus appeared and told us to watch the film you would bring. Please come show it to us!”

At the end of the film, all 247 villagers put their faith in Christ! 

WOW!!! God is at work miraculously drawing people to faith in Jesus. What God can do there, he can do in Roseville. Keep praying for God to draw your neighbors towards salvation.

Starting Sunday, we will be collecting nonperishable food for our ministry partner the St. Vincent DePaul Food Bank.

Collecting food all of NEXT week!

You can drop groceries off by the church office door next to the fountain from 9-4 Monday through Thursday.
Or you can call Nelson and Bev Schmidt at 916-872-4711 and they will come to your house.

Get your neighbors involved!

Many people are willing to support a project that helps those in need and it is a way to introduce others to our church. Use the link below to get a flyer you can pass around to your neighbors, or use it as a sample for creating your own flyer. Once you collect your neighborhood donations, you can deliver them to the church or to Nelson and Bev Schmidt's house (7605 Timberose in Sun City). Or, call them and they'll come by and pick up donations from you.

To download a flyer you can print and hand out CLICK HERE. Just add the day at time you will come by to pick up groceries (for example: Thursday at 4 pm) and put your name and address at the bottom and possibly your phone number. Also, be sure you thank those who participate with you in this important drive.
Icy Leaves
Photo by Cherie Buller
A FREE Gift for you!

We are providing a free advent devotional booklet for every household at PGCC as our gift to help you grow in faith and stay rooted in the spirit of Christmas.

You can pick up you booklet by the church office doors near the fountain during office hours Monday-Thursday, 9:00-4:00.

You can GIVE by:
  1. Mail addressed to the Church at 1730 Pleasant Grove Blvd, Roseville, CA 95747.
  2. Online through our website, www.pgcc.church, or by clicking on the blue button below.

If you need assistance setting up your Online Giving, please call Cyndi at the office, Mon-Thu, 916-771-4447. Leave a message if no one answers.
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