Sunday, July 26
Our NEW Message Series
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In today's message, Pastor Phil encourages you to try using one of the spiritual formation exercises we have offered. You can find these exercises on our church website by CLICKING HERE .

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To download the Bible study for this coming week. CLICK HERE

Since our message series is on Psalm 23, we are offering you this Bible study.
  • You can study on your own,
  • You can join a group facilitated by Pastor Phil and study it together!

The group study will be done by email. We tried using Facebook, but that didn't work. Each week we will email our answers and thoughts from that week's Bible study by doing "reply all" emails to Pastor Phil's opening email to the group. It will be fun, build our faith, and help us stay connected.

To join the group, email Pastor Phil at

When you click the link to the Bible Study and it doesn't come out as a full-size page chances are you will need install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. You can download and install it for free and it is easy to do. To download Acrobat Reader CLICK HERE. When the page opens, unclick the two optional offers for McAfee Security and then click on the yellow button that says "Download Acrobat Reader." After that, follow any instructions that come up.
Let's keep remembering all our church family in prayer.
Barby Balch
Gene Barth
Al Bauer
Rich Bergstedt
Montie Bergstedt
Gary Bolden
Mary Catherine
Glenda Chaffin Burk
Sarah Chaffin
Dale Cripe
Wayne & Evelyn Dack
Jewel Deason
Wanda Deaton
Patti Falkenberg
James Fletcher
Garvin Hill
Yvonne Hogan

Barbara Baker
Don Cornwell
Gloria Course
Clyde Cummings
Beth Dale
Merv & Marie Dirkse
Doris Easley
Patty Elson
Anna Enos
Doris Herrilson
Edythe Hoffman
John Hunt

Dorothy James
Dawn Jennings
Wally Johnson
Bob Lane
Tom & Myrna Lindsay
Janeen Mattiuzzi
Jerry Montgomery
Ruth Patkowski
Vic Patkowski
Alice Rodriguez
Leonard Shott
Carol Stowell
Marilyn Taft
Frank & Bunny West  
Bob Whiting
Don Wood
Sandy Winters  

Patti Hurst
Gisela King
Gene McKinsey
Hal Minor
Bette Moen
Eileen Mulligan
Vern Nogle
Jo O'Donnell
Bill Slightam
Gene Stuck
Dick Ward
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