Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Were you ever sent to your room? Either as a child or as a parent, we all know what it means when we hear “Go to your room!”

Now the child has a choice. He or she can sulk, say it is unfair, blame siblings, throw a tantrum, scream, and holler. Does that help? No, they still must stay in the room until they realize what they did wrong and agrees to behave right.

What else might the child choose to do during confinement? A resourceful child might choose to use the time playing games, reading or, more likely, be on electronics.

You may already see where I’m going with this. Some people think this pandemic is punishment from God. No one knows for sure, but let us imagine it might be that God is punishing the world for its evil deeds. If so, we have a choice. We can choose to sulk, say it is unfair, or blame others. We see this very thing happening when we read the news or talk to others. In fact, you may be doing it too. Is this response helpful? No.

Some choose to play with their games, read, or watch TV. Is that helpful? If in fact, God is “sending us to our room to think about what we have done in order to make us own up to some of our bad behavior or bad thoughts,” are we doing that?

Most of us are wondering how long this pandemic will last. What if we believed it will last as long as it takes to get people to change. What do you need to change about your behavior to make it line up with what God expects?

Do you even know what God expects? While we have been “sent to our room” it might be worthwhile to check back in with God, read his letter to us, pray, get right with God again, forgive those you need to forgive, and love those you need to love.

Jesus said, “Repent” What that meant historically in the Old Testament was to turn from your wicked ways (Ezekiel 18:30). But Jesus adds something to that message. Jesus says, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Jesus inaugurated a new day, a day of possibilities, for Jesus has orchestrated a way out. This way did not come cheap but at a great price.

How do we respond? We repent and turn from our wicked ways. Just like the child in the room, we need to own up to what we have done that is not representative of God. We also need to own up to what we have not done to represent God. What are you doing to further the kingdom? What are you doing in the name of Jesus?

Jesus provided us the power, when we call on his name, to turn from the very sins that separates us from God and from each other and begin representing God in the way He designed.

No more sulking. No more blaming. No more crying “unfair.” No more playing games or watching TV. Instead, spend time with God in His Word. Reflect on how you have been living your life. Ask God how he wants you to change? Pray and ask God to give you the power to change. Make this TIME OUT worth the time spent not only for your well-being but the well-being of those around you. 

This Sunday is communion Sunday. We now have prepackaged communion sets, they include: a sealed communion cup with juice and wafer. On Sunday, you can drive through the portico on the west side of the church and we will hand you your communion cup(s). Then you can take them home and use them to take communion as you watch our video worship service. This is an opportunity to come by, see the staff (but not our smile as we will be wearing masks and gloves), say hello, and be prayed for if you like. If you have a food donation for the food bank, we will take that from you as well.

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for St. Vincent DePaul Food Bank

The first week of every month we collect items for the food bank. The need continues to be great. You can bring non-perishable food items when you come to church on Sunday to pick up you communion cups or you can drop it off in the grey tub just outside the doors under the Portico anytime NEXT week.
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