To RSVP for 9:30 AM, Oct 18th, CLICK HERE

To RSVP for 11:00 AM, Oct 18th, CLICK HERE

You do not need to print and bring the ticket.
Those who do not have internet access can call the church office to RSVP.
Please contact others who do not get this email to let them know.

For Everyone's Health and Safety
Please do NOT arrive sooner than 15 minutes before service.
Park on the west side of the building as the west doors (under the portico)
will be the only ones open; all others doors are locked.
Face masks are required.
Keep 6' apart. No physical contact (sorry).
Leave 3 empty chairs between you and the next person on either side.
There will be no access to water or other refreshments so please plan ahead.

Please Stay Home If..
You feel the least bit sick or have a fever.
You don't feel it is safe for you to be out and around others.
We love you and don't want to take any risks with your health.