Wednesday, September 30, 2020
A Devotional Thought by Leonard Lee

“Pray continually.” I Thessalonians 5:17

When I read the words of the above verse, I often ask myself the question, “How in the world do I do that?” As I get older, I've started asking a different question, “What would happen if I did do that?”
Lois Dietz lived 93 years. She was born in 1909 in the back woods of Missouri. In her lifetime she gave birth to 12 children, 11 of which grew into adulthood. This remarkable woman could barely read, wrote poorly, never had a driver’s license or owned a car and did not have her own bank account until 1973, when her husband passed away suddenly of a heart attack.
From the time of her husband's passing, she stitched Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, hung them on the side of the road and sold them to people who passed by. What this remarkable woman did will never be chronicled by historians or sung about in songs. It will, however, be evidenced in heaven because God used the prayers of this remarkable woman to change the face of eternity. How do I know? Lois Dietz was my Grandma, and I am one of the people her prayers impacted.
Of her children that grew to adulthood, every one of them made a decision to receive Christ. Of her over 50 grandchildren, nearly all them did as well. The same is true of the over 50 great grandchildren. How did this happen? Because never a day went by that Lois did not faithfully pray for each one by name.
One of her sons became a missionary, speaking in over 100 countries of the world. His ministry has been used by God to lead people to Christ on seven different continents. While Lois Dietz's feet never touched ground in
Iran, India, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Somalia, Kenya, and the numerous other places her son preached the Gospel, her knees touched ground in every one of those places through prayer.
Lois Dietz never went to high school or, I should say, her feet never did, but her knees touched the ground of the many high schools where her grandchildren went. Many of her grandkids’ friends gave their lives to Jesus, because God answered the prayers of Lois Dietz.
My sister remembers lying in bed next to Grandma and hearing her say, “Let's pray for the family now.” What followed was a prayer for everyone in the family, by name and in detail. When that was done, she slept, trusting her family to the Lord.
Grandma never had any conversations with a White Supremacy group, Bloods or Crips, but her conversations with God allowed her grandson to direct several of these gang members to Christ. How do I know? I am that grandson. I sent out a prayer letter to her every month for 11 years, and when I would swing by she would ask about the students I had asked her to pray for.
On a wall in her house was a plaque that had three simple words, “Prayer Changes Things.” Lois lived her whole life in complete trust that those words were true. She had an unwavering commitment to pray. Every day she sat at the sewing machine and stitched the clothes for her dolls. With each bob of the needle she spoke the name of a family member or some other person in need of prayer.
When her Father in heaven finally welcomed her home, I lost much more
than a grandmother. I lost someone whose constant prayers changed my life. Heaven's gain was our loss and I could only think of who would do all that praying for me?
What did I learn from my grandmother? I learned that the most powerful people in God's kingdom are not the eloquent preachers and masterful leaders. The most influential people are the ones who pray the most. I stand as testimony to that truth. I am here today because I had a grandmother who prayed “without ceasing.”

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