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"By the time a man realizes maybe his father was right,
he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong."

"A father carries pictures where his money used to be."

"A father heard his son pray,
'Dear God, make me the kind of man my daddy is.'
Later that night the father prayed,
'Dear God, make me the kind of man my son wants.'"
 HIGHER: Living Out the Sermon on the Mount
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In-Person Worship!
Next Sunday, June 28 th

Two Services @ 9:30 and 11:00 AM
Each service will be limited to 100 people per CA guidelines.

RSVP required to manage attendance

CLICK HERE to RSVP for 11:00 AM, June 28th

June 28th 9:30 service is FULL
We will add an 8 AM service if needed

You do not need to print and bring the ticket.
Those who do not have internet access
can call the church office to RSVP.
Please contact those you know who do not get this email to let them know.

For Everyone's Health and Safety Please Read
Please do NOT arrive sooner than 15 minutes before service.
Face masks will be required when you arrive, leave your seat, sing and depart.
Keep 6' apart. No hugging, handshaking or physical contact (sorry).
Leave 3 empty chairs on both sides between you and the
next person (unless they live with you).

You feel the least bit sick or have a fever.
You don't feel it is safe for you to be out and around others.
We love you and don't want to take any risks with your health

You will still be able to watch video recordings of our services.
We will record on Sunday morning and make the service video available on our website and YouTube channel by Monday evening each week.

We hope to be able to show our services LIVE online sometime in August!
These A/V upgrades will be paid for by 20/20 campaign contributions.
Thank you for giving!

In case you missed last week's announcement


Joe Caples
Pastor to New Communities
Joe will be leading our ministry to the families living and moving into the West Park neighborhoods.

Joe and his wife Sarah are Sacramento area natives and most recently have served as the Sacramento Directors of Forge Ministries, a ministry of sharing the good news of Jesus on a grass roots, neighbor-to-neighbor level, and training other believers to do the same.

In the days, weeks and months to come, you will get to know Joe and Sarah better. Already you have heard him preach during our Higher series, and his commentary on the book of John has been published in our Spiritual Growth Saturday emails every Saturday and can also be found on our church website.

Joe has Master’s degrees in both theology and history. In addition to his work with Forge Ministries, he is an adjunct faculty member at Epic Bible College and former Young Adult Minister at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church. Joe is also a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy working in the law library at the Sacramento County jail.

PRAY that God will:
  • Continue to prepare and equip Joe and Sarah for this new ministry
  • Help them find and purchase the right home in the right location
  • Help their boys transition to new friends and a new school
  • Prepare the community to want to hear about and embrace Jesus
Our 20/20 Initiative "When God Calls" Campaign
is raising funds to expand and strengthen the ministry of our church. The campaign goal was $250,000 with a "miracle goal" of $300,000. You exceeded our wildest dreams and pledged $380,000 over two years above your normal giving. In just over a year you have already contributed nearly $250,000!

NEW TO PGCC? You can still be involved in the campaign, just
CLICK HERE to download the information pamphlet on the campaign.

You can give by mailing a check with a note saying it is for the 20/20 campaign, or use our online giving and choose the "20/20 Campaign"
We ask that your gifts to the 20/20 campaign be above your normal giving to the church.


Expand Core Ministries
We wanted to address two areas: Replace and upgrade our aging sound and video systems and help our church members who no longer can physically come to church.

Our move to video worship services when the pandemic struck is the first fruits of your giving. This summer we hope to upgrade our now obsolete sound and video projection systems resulting in better and clearer sound throughout the sanctuary, brighter video projection, and reliable equipment.

The upgrade will also make it possible for people to watch our services live on Sunday mornings from their homes. As a result, we will be able to bring church to those who cannot physically make it to church.

Reach New Community
The largest portion of the giving will go to this initiative. It has allowed us to hire Joe and cover his salary while he begins his outreach. It will also provide funds to support neighborhood outreach activities and events.

Increase Global Impact
Already we have been able to fund a two week evangelistic blitz in Albania through our missionary partners the Liberti family. We will fund a second global mission project once our giving goes over $300,000.

for embracing this as a God-given vision
for our church and giving so generously to the vision!
IN MEMORY OF Irene Souza
Irene passed into God's waiting arms on Tuesday, June 16th.
Let's keep remembering all our church family in prayer.
Barby Balch
Gene Barth
Al Bauer
Gary Bolden
Glenda Chaffin Burk
Sarah Chaffin
Gloria Course
Dale Cripe
Wayne & Evelyn Dack
Wanda Deaton
Patti Falkenberg
James Fletcher
Garvin Hill

Barbara Baker
Don Cornwell
Clyde Cummings
Beth Dale
Merv & Marie Dirkse
Doris Easley
Patty Elson
Anna Enos
Doris Herrilson
Edythe Hoffman
John Hunt
Patti Hurst

Yvonne Hogan
Dorothy James
Dawn Jennings
Wally Johnson
Bob Lane
Tom & Myrna Lindsay
Phyllis Lindsay
Beverly Linder
Vic Patkowski
Leonard Shott
Frank & Bunny West  
Bob Whiting
Don Wood

Gisela King
Gene McKinsey
Hal Minor
Bette Moen
Eileen Mulligan
Vern Nogle
Jo O'Donnell
Bill Slightam
Gene Stuck
Dick Ward
Sandy Winters        
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Call us at 916-771-4447 (Please leave a message if no one answers.)
Send Prayer Requests to
Write us at 1730 Pleasant Grove Blvd, Roseville, CA 95747

Blessings, PGCC staff
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