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Sponsor Spotlight

A massive thanks to some of our sponsors for the ClassE Golf Outing!

GOLD SPONSOR: Pilson Auto Center

GOLD SPONSOR: Sarah Bush Lincoln

Meet the ClassE Crew!

In this segment, you'll get to know two new ClassE students every week!

Charles Cockrum is a junior at Mattoon High School. He likes to collect Pokémon cards and enjoys John Wick movies. His business interests are learning about the organization of people, jobs, and money and how they are used. Charles’ short-term goal is to enjoy his years as a student and graduate with good grades, while his long-term goal is to ensure he can leave his family well off. His favorite dessert is cheesecake. His favorite subject in school is English. Charles is looking forward to networking with people this year!

Trystan Clapp Trystan Clapp is a junior at Mattoon High School. He enjoys studying history and playing on the varsity soccer team. Away from school, Trystan enjoys listening to all types of music and watching the Patriots or Broncos! He currently works part-time as a mechanic at Curry Construction. Trystan’s other interests include gaming, writing, debating, computers, cars, and eating Twix and Cheesecake! This year in ClassE, Trystan is ready to learn the skills necessary to operate a successful and profitable business.

Mattoon Chamber Business Expo!

ClassE students enjoyed networking with other businesses during this year's business expo. They also took turns running the Elevate stand and informing people of Elevate's mission in the community.

In Case You Missed It...

This week, ClassE wrote thank you cards to businesses that sponsored their golf outing. If you were a sponsor- be watching for your mail! ClassE also got to visit Lester Buildings. 

ClassE also visited Lester Buildings and spoke with Tyler Bennett about his business. Tyler explained the processes and systems implemented at Lester and the benefits of having them in place.

Thanks for reading. Have a Great Week!

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