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Alexandria’s Principle Gallery Hosting Online Auction for Ukraine

Support for Ukraine continues in Alexandria. Principle Gallery in Old Town is hosting an online auction for the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. The gallery is auctioning a sculpture by Ryan M. Quinn, who has a special connection to Ukraine. He learned to sculpt in the country while serving as a military diplomat.

Alexandrians Now Can Drink in Polynesia at the Tiki Bar in Del Ray

A trip to Tahiti will cost anywhere from $1600 to $6200 and take around 16-20 hours. Take a shortcut and visit the Tiki Bar at 2312 Mount Vernon Avenue in the Del Ray neighborhood in Alexandria. Be surrounded by grass huts, coconuts, and surf boards without the time, expense and sand in your bathing suit while enjoying a host of tropical delights. Throw on a pair of board shorts and flip flops and join the fun.

Ivy Hill Cemetery Unveils Major Renovation to 150+ Year Old House

On Thursday, April 14, the Ivy Hill Cemetery revealed the new renovations to the 166 year old house on the property. In 1837, a family cemetery was started on 22 acres of the 66 acre farm. When owner Charles Smith died, he had arranged for a group of Alexandria business men to buy the 22 acres, which received a charter as a community cemetery in 1856. The house on the property was used as the caretaker’s home.

Mark Wahlberg Stars in a New Feel-Good Redemption Film
Father Stu is the story of a Montana man, a Catholic college graduate turned Golden Gloves boxer turned actor turned Catholic priest until succumbing at the age of 50 to a degenerative autoimmune disease similar to ALS. The based-on-a-true-story biopic was a labor of love for actor Mark Wahlberg who stars as Father Stuart Long.

Alexandria Photographer’s Work Recognized in International Contest Sponsored by Wikimedia

The Wikimedia Foundation, a nonprofit founded in 2003, works to educate internet users worldwide for free. It supports Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia maintained by volunteers. In 2021 Wikimedia hosted the Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest, which received 172,000 entries. One of the entries, from Alexandria’s Daniel Horowitz – Fort Crown Point in upstate New York and active during the French and Indian War – placed sixth.

Alexandria Living Legend Charlie Euripides, Royal Restaurant Owner, and Navy Veteran Dies at 89

Alexandria Living Legend Charlie Euripides passed away this morning after an extended illness at the age of 89. He was surrounded by friends and family.