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Summer’s Hot! Cool Off on the Alexandria Ice Cream Trail!

We all need a way to stay refreshed during the hot summer season, especially now that pandemic restrictions are being lifted. A fun way to keep cool in the heat is with cold, delicious ice cream. In a cup or on a cone, ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt are among the most highly favored treats across Virginia, and how fortunate we are to have so many stores selling such a delectable treat for all to enjoy! READ MORE

New Movie Shot Partly in Del Ray Features Local Businesses

A new movie that recently premiered at the Brooklyn Film Festival filmed several scenes at local businesses in Del Ray. Kringle Time, a satirical comedy film about a singing snowman “that has nothing to do with Christmas,” was written and directed by Matthew Lucas, a former American University student and Arlington resident. Read more down below!

Coloring Books + Coffee = Success!

Juneteenth, or Black Independence Day, was marked this year in different ways around town, but one interesting celebration for adults and kids happened when three Alexandria organizations collaborated for a fun an interactive morning of reading, art and conversation about the history and significance of June 19.

Retrospectives: Memorials and COVID Catharsis

The Art League at the Torpedo Factory in July features an open exhibit in the main gallery. Toni-Lee Sangastiano, a multidisciplinary artist specializing in imagery of the carnivalesque via painting, printmaking, paper marbleizing, sculptural books arts, typography, and maker technology, is the curator. Her interest in such an unusual theme was born of a childhood mesmerized by the boardwalks of the Jersey shore. Toni-Lee is an Assistant Professor of the Practice in Studio Arts and a Digital Media Specialist at Georgetown University. She lives in Alexandria.

Keep Your Precious Pups Cool This Summer!

Summer is here! And this is the season that can be fun for dogs and humans alike! Dogs are particularly sensitive to heat, regardless of breed or amount of fur. On really hot days, shorter walks and inside activities that provide good mental stimulation can also keep your dog safe and happy.


Cooking With Herbs 101

Herbs give a super return on investment. For the price of one bunch of herbs at the grocery store, you can buy a plant that will yield multiple harvests all season long. You can even preserve the harvest to enjoy those sun-ripened flavors in winter. Try a few of our favorite ways to enjoy herbs in the kitchen or on the grill!