May 2020

Thank you, friends and fans of Bringing Music to Life! We are delighted to report that the 2020 Instrument Drive was a great success. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic and the beginning of Colorado's stay-at-home order coinciding with the middle of the drive, we received 749 instruments.

We would particularly like to share our appreciation for the wonderful people who collected and catalogued instruments at 17 donation locations across the state. Your being there allows us to be here for Colorado children.

And, of course, our deepest thanks go out to each individual who donated an instrument or contributed to our repair fund. Your generosity will impact the lives of young music learners at a time when that positivity is needed most.
Repair Process Underway
The 749 donated instruments are now in the talented hands of our repair partners at Colorado Institute of Musical Instrument Technology (CIOMIT) and Boomer Music Company. Despite some early delays resulting from the temporary closures of many businesses, the instrument repair process has begun. Although there is a great deal of uncertainty about the reopening of Colorado schools this fall, it is still our desire to get instruments in the hands of Colorado students by the end of summer.
Applications for Instruments
may be submitted
JUNE 15, 2020

Thank YOU!
Earlier this month we wrote to you with the suggestion that bringing food to Colorado's children was and is a most pressing need. We asked. You delivered!

We eagerly look forward to the day when we will be able to safely deliver instruments throughout the state. In the meantime, we appreciate your generous support of low-income students and Title 1 schools.
Sanford Schools
Sanford Schools were awarded twenty-one instruments prior to the start of the 2019/2020 school year ensuring that every band member would have the use of an instrument this year.

Music Teacher Jamie Mortensen told the Alamosa News * in September,

I’m so excited to have these instruments to assist students that don’t have money to buy one. Having a good quality instrument is crucial for a student just starting. They will learn quicker with better habits and won’t get as discouraged.

She ends the school year saying,

We are using Zoom meetings, SI Online by Alfred, some students have passed off songs over the phone if they don’t have internet. I’ve tried to be creative with assignments and have kept those fun! 

We are still using the heck out of the instruments we received from you guys!!!! Thanks so much. At least students had an instrument to go home with, thanks to your program. We will start gathering them back next week!

Jamie Mortensen
Sanford School District Music/Band
Sanford, Colorado
Casey Middle School
The 2020 8th Grade Band plays "Darklands March" composed by Randall D. Standridge and published by Grand Mesa Music of Grand Junction, Colorado.

My 8th graders are currently working on a "Virtual Performance" where they all submit videos of themselves playing their part, for their virtual Promotion Ceremony... 
...of course, nothing can replace the joy of making music LIVE with other musicians. The students and teachers are all craving the social aspect of making music together. We are at least grateful for every "virtual" opportunity.

Teaching online is extremely challenging! We are having some successes, mostly where we are enjoying all of the free resources that are currently being offered... Kids are having fun with composing exercises, and learning new music in web-based programs like SmartMusic.

It sure sounds as if Kati and her Casey Middle School students were up to the challenge. Bravo!

Kati Sainz
Casey Middle School Band Director
Boulder, Colorado
Practicing Social Distancing and Musical Togetherness

What must it be like to suddenly have the adults around you masked and howling and uncertain? We can't help but wonder how changed life must seem to Colorado's children. We marvel at their resilience (and are simply astonished by that of their teachers and parents). And we share in delight of one of their favorite coping mechanisms - music.

Ever since the world first heard those eerily beautiful voices singing into the Italian night, unaccompanied except for a few barking dogs, the Internet has been overflowing with people using music to express the inexpressible. Coloradans joined in the singing and playing of instruments to reconnect with families, show gratitude for healthcare workers and simply have fun.

Music will survive the pandemic. Music is helping us survive the pandemic. We are grateful to everyone who has supported Bringing Music to Life. Your contributions are helping Colorado's children release stress and do their homework. They can sing out, even when they can't get out. 

Stay safe, everyone. Until we can make music together, let music keep us together.
Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.
Where words leave off, music begins.
Heinrich Heine
Who hears music,
feels his solitude peopled
at once.
Robert Browning
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