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Important Update on COVID Regulations

May 20, 2021

Ontario Sailing has been able to access and review the newest Regulation, amending the Regulation 82/20 that governs what is permitted to be open in the province, that comes into effect on Saturday, May 22nd, 2021.

We are thrilled to share that the provision permitting Boating Clubs to be open has been put back into the Regulations meaning that clubs can reopen as soon as they are ready, on or after Saturday May 22nd, 2021. As you know, boating clubs were removed from the list of organizations able to be open during the Stay-at-Home order.

Related to sailing and boating activity, including recreational boating, launch and preparation for launch, there are no limitations on activities other than the following important considerations:
  • The only portions inside the club buildings that can be open are washrooms, first aid areas or spaces to access these specific areas. Staff (or volunteers) can access areas to support repairs, docking or launching of boats and watercraft.
  • Clubs can only allow the number of people to attend the location that allows the 2 m distancing to take place. We know every location differs greatly in this area.
  • Boat owners are responsible to ensure that everyone on board their boat, at any time, is from the same household. (In addition to direct household members, caregivers or an individual who lives alone can join one household group)
  • Organized public events are limited to 5 people so clubs need to ensure activities are not established in any way to be perceived as an organized event if you have more than 5 members on site.
  • Staff and volunteers need to continue to follow the workplace requirements (pre-screening, personal protective equipment, etc.) and the organization needs their documented safety plan.
(Note: There are limitations on food and dining services and other restrictions that may impact other areas of the organization)

Today, Premier Ford gave a high-level overview of what they believe the next few months may look like. As we access those Regulations, we will continue to update you as the restrictions evolve; this update reflects only what can take place effective 12:01am ET on Saturday, May 22, 2021.

Ontario Sailing has been working with our partners and Ministry representatives to help ensure that our organizations were included in the outdoor amenities that are able to open in this first round. We are as excited as you are that we are able to open up! Thanks again for your ongoing patience and trust as we all work together to get back on the water.

Please respect your club’s leadership on resuming recreational boating and other activities around the club.

If clubs have any questions about the Regulations surrounding COVID, they should not hesitate to reach out to Lisa Roddie ( or Glenn Lethbridge (

Stay Safe and Please Follow the Regulations.
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