Bite-Size Blog #65 -- December 21, 2016

Celebrating the First Day of Winter...

With some good news regarding the White House Cancer Task Force and its Moonshot mission to end cancer as we know it. 

If y ou've been following my work this year, you know that I have been trying to get an audience with VP Joe Biden's Moonshot team for eleven months--and I am delighted to say that, as of this week, we had a
major breakthrough.

Earlier this week, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and I had a very encouraging discussion with the top executive in charge of the White House Cancer Task Force--and look forward to more discussions early in 2017. 

The Bottom Line. With VP Joe Biden committed to continuing his  well-known fight against cancer after the administration ends next month, we feel that his work could possibly be that critical "key" that opens the door to a whole new way that the entire world thinks about food. 

As people everywhere begin to harness the power of food to prevent, slow, stop or reverse cancer--they will also be a part of a global movement that has the ability to cut the world's overall healthcare bill in half. More importantly, a deliberate shift away from animal-based foods (by billions of people) will do more to combat climate change and nurture our fragile ecosystem than all previous environmental initiatives combined.

Amazingly, all of that can begin with a single moment of enlightenment from a highly-respected, internationally-recognized leader like VP Joe Biden. We are committed to doing our very best to make that happen, and just maybe we'll get some help from soon to be former President Barack Obama. See PS...

J. Morris Hicks

PS: How great would it be if President Barack Obama joins the team after he leaves office next month? I happen to know for a fact that he knows a great deal more about the power of food than most people think. Check out this blog I posted in 2012:

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