January 2019
Time is ticking away and we are still short of nurses for several of our upcoming trips. So, if you are a short nurse, a tall nurse or somewhere in-between we have a spot for you on our team! Click the date below to send us your info, better sooner than later.

March 16-23 Eye/Ortho - 3 Recovery
March 30-April 6 General/GYN - 3 OR, 12 Recovery
April 27-May 4 General/GYN - 6 OR, 8 Recovery
June 1-8 General/GYN - 5 OR, 10 Recovery
June 22-29 General/GYN/ENT - 6 OR, 12 Recovery
July 6-13 Eye/Oculoplastic - 2 OR, 4 Recovery
Here are three examples of people growth leading to Kingdom growth in the highlands of Guatemala.

First, let’s look at Cesar. Years ago, he was just a little boy who likely would not have been able to graduate high school had it not been for the scholarship he received from Health Talents. Upon graduation, he was eager to encourage children who were growing up much like he did. So, he traveled to village congregations and started children's classes in Chuchipaca, Chutzorop, Las Trampas, and Chuguexa. He had also been trying to help another church in the village of Chontola.
Fast forward several years, Cesar is now the ABC coordinator for Health Talents in the highlands, and his zeal has not diminished for the children he loves and the God he serves. The Chontola congregation has had its’ share of struggles, so, Cesar and others began to focus on working with their youth. Recently, Cesar took a huge step out of his comfort zone and was the primary preacher at an activity they sponsored. Fourteen young people wanted to be baptized! The members of a nearby congregation in Chuchipaca donated funds to enable many of the members to travel to Lake Atitlan to see these young people immersed into Christ! Praise God for ordinary men like Cesar who see a need and get to work!
The second good news story involves Gaspar, an elder in Xepocol and a Health Talents evangelist with a heart for counseling. He was asked to visit with a family of 8 in Nebaj who were interested in knowing about the Church of Christ and the Bible. After a long day of studying, the entire family decided they very much wanted to be part of the Church of Christ fellowship. Gaspar returned to Nebaj on Sunday to meet the family in Chiul and to present them to the church family there. Please pray that this family will be nurtured and grow to be a great asset to their congregation and community.
The third praise worthy story comes from Kemmel and Dr. Lisa Dunham, local missionaries in the highlands who recently returned to Guatemala after their December furlough. “Our first day back to work was spent celebrating the 11th anniversary of the start of Sunday children's classes at the church at Mactzul I. This congregation consistently strives to provide spiritual and academic education for their kids, they also take good advantage of the ABC sponsorship program. They invited us to worship with them and then treated us and the local school teachers to a delicious lunch.  We ended up talking to one of the members who initiated the children's Sunday School classes and we asked him how he began teaching. He surprised us by saying that he wouldn't have gotten started if he hadn't injured himself. He suffered a herniated disc which forced him to take time off of work. 

During that time off he began to ask God to heal him and use him in the church. He decided to start teaching Bible classes for the kids. He said he felt inadequate with his 3rd grade education, so he taught what he knew of the Bible, and now he can see the fruit of those classes in the kids' lives. He was thankful to God for giving him the opportunity to serve.
As they have grown, many of these children have decided to follow Christ and are active in church and have taken over the teaching of classes. He humbly added that the current teachers are so much better than he. What struck us is his humble attitude toward God and his desire to serve God and the congregation despite his illness and his perceived ineptitudes.

One of the things that always endears us to the Word of God is how many stories there are where the Lord chooses the underdog to do his work. This world tries to tell us that success is based on who we know or wealth or titles or politics or popularity. But God shows us that real change and power come through humility before God and others and a heart filled with the Spirit of God.

1 Peter 5:5 “All of you, clothe yourselves with humility, toward one another, because God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”