Once again we are delighted to share some of the great works of MMCC with you and thank your support. This time we would like to tell you a bit about:
  1. How we beat the Coronavirus in Afghanistan
  2. A new Partnership with UNICEF
  3. Social circus activities
  4. Ride a Cycle & Coronavirus invaders
 1. How we beat the Coronavirus in Afghanistan  
Our youth have temporary transformed our centers in Kabul and Herat to production and training centers to fight Coronavirus in Afghanistan. They produce and distribute face shields and different hand sanitizer units, design and publish banners, posters, leaflets, manage teams who paint green social distancing circles in different cities, conduct hygiene workshops and develop new campaigns.
The following is a list of our main Coronavirus Response Activities in the last few months:
  • 14243 face shields are produced and distributed for doctors and health workers
  • 7643 green circles of social distancing in 7 major cities are painted
  • 2770 small innovative hand sanitizer stations for IDP camps in Kabul and Herat are produced and installed
  • 40 bigger Hand-Wash stations are produced and installed in IDP camps and Hospitals
  • Hundreds of various informative COVID-19 material such as banners and posters are designed, printed and distributed
  • Tens of COVID-19 prevention and hygiene trainings are conducted for different groups of adults and children
MMCC in Afghanistan has mobilized all its resources, skills and expertise to fight the pandemic and save lives. We thank all the 72 donors of our Coronavirus Response fundraiser who made the first contributions. You can still join and help by donating and promoting it:  www.globalgiving.org/projects/Coronavirus-Afghanistan
We would like to thank All the contributors who supported these activities and more on the way:
  • Donors of our GlobalGiving campaign fundraiser
  • The Linda Norgrove Foundation
  • Good Neighbors International
  • Marvel Marketers,
 A short video of our Coronavirus response by Frence24:  https://youtu.be/eLeS6wse7hc 
For more updates visit:  www.facebook.com/groups/Corona.AFG 
2. A new Partnership with UNICEF
We are again partnering with UNICEF and this time is about  COVID-19 prevention, awareness and campaigns, reaching 4259 IDP families in Herat and Kabul settlements.
MMCC has over 12 years of experience in working with vulnerable children in refugee camps and informal settlements in Afghanistan. IDP families often lack access to water and basic hygiene. In the corona crises MMCC in partnership with UNICEF is making and distributing hand-washing facilities and soap to families in 25 IDP communities in Kabul and Herat.
With innovative methods, we teach Hand-washing and Social Distancing. The project also includes Social Activities and Games with the children.
A short video our UNICEF Partnership:  https://youtu.be/OhCNONd_vfs

3. Social Circus Activities 
Naturally because of the pandemic we have sent all the kids home and our summer festival is canceled. However we have been connected with some of the junior artists and supported them by borrowing them juggling equipment etc. and are organizing online social circus championship.
We currently are  in the process of organizing ourselves for the post-corona time and the children's needs once things are normalized again.
4. Ride a Cycle & Coronavirus Invaders   
Two great high-visibility campaigns with radical social impacts!
Ride a Cycle: This is a new innovative way of promoting use of bicycles with multiple  benefits  and functions. It's good for the health, and environment but it also is much sa fer transport option in these corona times.
  To support this project please visit: www.globalgiving.org/projects/Coronavirus-Afghanistan  

Coronavirus Invaders:  Dressed as coronaviruses the youth will walk in the streets in the most crowded parts of the cities to create fear and attention . With  small hand-held loudspeakers, the youth will bring essential messages to reach many thousands of people. The youth will receive a small training ensuring their safety and induction to the tasks beforehand. By end of each week, the youth will receive a small incentive for their efforts

To support this project please visit:  www.globalgiving.org/projects/Coronavirus-Afghanistan 
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