September 21, 2016

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Hearts Cry Children's Ministry has exciting and encouraging news to share with you! 
Below are a few updates of what has been happening lately.  For more real-time updates and urgent prayer requests, we ask that you find us, like us and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  You are an integral part of this team.

Big Changes in SENNIAF!
Over the last few weeks we have made tremendous progress in Panama with the local government and its officials .  We are pleased to report that we had an encouraging meeting with the newly appointed Director, Yazmin Cardenas of SENNIAF (government department over children's welfare in Panama). After 2 years of prayer, Heart's Cry can return to a direct collaboration with SENNIAF in order to benefit the children in Panama.  Yet, much work remains to be done and our Family Services team continues to work diligently to aid national parents throughout the many stages of the foster and adoption process.         
Also, Director Cardenas brought a team of key government officials to Casa Providencia in order to personally view the project.  They are committed to intentionally partner with Heart's Cry and support Casa Providencia in order to open its doors to these precious children in the near future.    

Rotarians Maria Sheehan, Carlos Santos-Tejada and Charlie Dodson
Rotary International Global Grant Awarded: $117,000 Equipment on it's way!
You may recall our grant proposal to Rotary International for medical and other equipment which was part of a Global Grant process.  Well... we got it!  Praise the Lord!  We are overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness toward our dear friends Maria Sheehan and Charlie Dodson at the Rotary Club of Reno, Nevada. They have worked diligently for 3 years towards this goal.  Heart's Cry was awarded $117,000.00 to provide hydrotherapy equipment and a back up generator for Casa Providencia. As you know, Casa Providencia is the only orphanage in the country dedicated to children with special-needs and with this grant we are one step closer to opening our doors!  Check out our Facebook post for more information and a special Thank You to a few important people who also helped make this possible, Bill Grimme and the late Dr. Bob Clift.  This was a true team effort, and was guided the entire way by the hand of the Lord.  We praise Him today for this important equipment being ordered and on its way to help children in Panama!

Our 1st Container Arrived!

This will be the first of many in the years to come, as we are already planning the next container!

A few furniture items were immediately taken to our Heart's Cry headquarters in Panama City.   The other furniture items are going to be used at Casa Providencia. These desks, filing cabinets, book cases, etc. will allow Casa Providencia's future Director, Attorney, Social Workers, Psychologists and Medical staff to have functioning offices.  This container was full of gently used office furniture donated from the United States.  So join with us in prayer for those people who are coming soon to sit at those desks! 
Please join us as we prepare to launch our second crowd funding campaign for Casa Providencia on Oct 14, 2016.  You can read about this exciting initiative - and your important part in it - in the upcoming issue of our newsletter, which we will send out to you in the coming weeks.
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Matt and Misty Hedspeth
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