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August 31, 2022

31 de agosto 2022

Cultivating Relationships
and Understanding
Across Borders

Fred Rogers graduated from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Now you can, too

Read the letter below from Hunter Farrell... 

Walking in the Healing Our Borders

Prayer Vigil

Dear friends,

A Witness for Peace delegation spent a week with Frontera de Cristo and our many ministry partners. The seven individuals from varied USA locations came to learn. They brought open hearts and open minds, ready to experience la mano de Dios at work in the Mexico/US border region.

During their week, they learned so much from the community: people struggling with addiction, migrants waylaid on their journeys north, women working cooperatively to build stronger, healthier families, and teachers reaching out to children at risk. They met with the Mexican Consulate in Douglas, participated in a vigil honoring migrants who died crossing into the US, visited maquiladoras (factories) in Agua Prieta, and enjoyed Chiapanecan coffee at Café Justo y Mas, part of a successful coffee cooperative. 

They joined with varied members of the community to plant a cross in memory of Abigail Roman Aguilar and mourn his tragic death of and spent time in conversation with a border patrol agent. They walked both sides of the dividing fence, reflecting on the many ways we are a united family of God.

Because of the monsoon rains, the desert grasses and flowers flourished during their visit. The beauty of the desert and the welcoming of the DouglaPrieta peoples prepared them for their work ahead. We pray their witness in the borderlands touches new hearts and minds.


Joca, Catherine, and Dan

About Dan & Catherine

Catherine May and Dan Abbott have accepted Mark Adams’ invitation to serve Frontera de Cristo as part-time coordinators while he and Miriam are on Interpretation Assignment until next summer. They will be a regular presence with the ministry—with the staff, the Douglas/Agua Prieta community, and with the many who are served. They live in Tempe, Arizona, and will travel to Douglas each Sunday afternoon and return to Tempe on Wednesday afternoon. Catherine will be in Douglas each week and Dan every other week (due to weekend commitments with Humane Borders and programming for their Tempe neighbors without homes). 

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Catherine & Dan

These Words Shall Be in Your Heart

by Jocabed Gallegos, FDC Coordinator

In August, approximately 45 women gathered in Juarez for the Voces de Cristo (Voices of Christ) conference. They focused on remembering God’s call to their lives to serve each other, the church, the presbytery, the national church, and their community. Most of the attendees were from various churches throughout the Presbytery of Chihuahua, including several women representing Gómez Palacio Durango and Agua Prieta.

The conference asked Pastor Jocabed Gallegos to make a presentation. Joca focused on the importance of service. She recalled, “it was a very beautiful and interesting time, especially when I talked about giving myself to others in service.” As Joca shared some of the many ways in which she supported the Frontera de Cristo ministry, engaged with her community, and served her church, many had not been aware of the broad range of her work. She shared, “There were those who said, ‘we didn’t know that.’”

Continue reading Joca's reflections

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary offers

Graduate Certificate in Missional Leadership

Dear fellow mission leaders,

We were so grateful to our friends at Frontera de Cristo for allowing us to join in Coffee and Conversation in April to think together about mission in these changing times and for their permission to send you this invitation.

Hunter Farrell

World Mission Initiative

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Our research among 1200 mission leaders of Protestant, Catholic and Evangelical local congregations—the lay or ordained people who serve on the church’s mission committee, lead the youth on mission trips, serve as the mission pastor or director, or guide the women’s circle into deeper engagement in mission—showed both a deep commitment to their work and a strong sense that they felt unprepared to respond to the complex challenges of local and global mission. Many felt isolated and are looking the chance to connect with other congregational mission leaders around the theology and “better practices” of short-term mission trips, financial grants, effective mission partnerships, intercultural communication, ethical considerations, mobilizing new mission leaders and strategies to care for children.

To respond to this urgent need, in February 2023 Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (PTS) is initiating a 16-month online program, the Graduate Certificate in Missional Leadership. 

Continue reading the invitation from PTS

Ministry Reflections

Insight from Our Staff

Life Flourishes in the Desert

 A reflection by Bridich Saragos

Assistant Manager

of the Migrant Resource Center

I am from Chiapas where the land is very fertile and it is not hard to grow plants. My mama taught me a little about planting and harvesting, but I focused on my studies, sewing, and embroidery. I did not leave much time to dedicate to gardening. ...

Let’s Rescue Families

A reflection by Zeyla Sanchez Morales

FdC Intern with CATPSIC

It always surprises me when I learn from each woman how drugs have affected their lives and lives of their families! One woman shared, “I had two miscarriages and have four children. I miss them very much; I can’t be with them. Whenever I go out, I want to see them, but I am forbidden to get close to them.” ... 

Read the rest of these short reflections

Interpretation Assignment

Mark & Miriam are traveling the country for the next year, on "Interpretation Assignment." We invite you to connect with them when they're at a church in your area.

View their speaking schedule for the year (subject to change). 

They welcome opportunities to fill in the blanks. Just email mark@fronteradecristo.org.

Love Mercy, Do Justice, Order Coffee

Frontera de Cristo and Café Justo created the "Love Mercy, Do Justice" initiative to provide coffee for migrant shelters across the southern border. Thousands of women and men each week are greeted with a cup of coffee, a meal, and vital medical attention when they are repatriated into Mexico. You can help support this effort with a donation to Love Mercy, Do Justice.

In the mean time, why not order some coffee for yourself today? You will enjoy delicious 100% organic coffee cultivated, roasted, and shipped by the Café Justo cooperative. To order by mail instead of online, just download this form.

Febe Maldonado,

barista at Café Justo y Mas

Summer is still here! Do you know how to make café en la roca? It's iced coffee, à la Café Justo y Mas. First, make your ice cubes out of Café Justo (a great way to use up the last of the pot!), and then follow Febe's instructions. Your smile will be as big as hers when you drink it!

Café Justo Video 

The Dedication of Café Justo y Mas

June 4, 2016

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