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June 16, 2022
16 de junio 2022
Cultivating Relationships
and Understanding
Across Borders
Café Justo y Mas is a safe haven for everyone
Dear friends,

"We can feel the love here." "Our students have been amazed at how Frontera de Cristo partners with so many different organizations."

Carole and Christian, teachers from St. Ignatius High School in San Francisco, shared these encouraging words as they departed yesterday after sharing a bit of life and ministry with us.

In the midst of the challenges of life and ministry on the border, we celebrate the love of God that we not only feel but that has formed us into a community across human- created borders.

We are grateful that you are part of this community that seeks to live out God's good news in midst of the bad news of this world. Whether in lament or in celebration we belong to God and we belong to one another.

Mark & Joca
Coffee Shop Celebrates 6 Years
What do you get when you cross a coffee coop addressing root causes of migration, a drug rehab center providing opportunities for new life for persons gripped by addiction, and a binational ministry cultivating relationships and understanding across borders and responding in faith to the realities of immigration and the drug culture?

Well, a coffee shop, of course!

On June 4, we celebrated the 6th anniversary of Café Justo y Mas with dance, both folklore and modern, incredible music from the youth of the community, a bouncing castle for the kids, tamales, and of course delicious coffee. We celebrated because—

Children's Enrichment Ministry Expands
Marina Forero, Director, Children's Enrichment Ministry, speaks at the
inauguration of the new site
We are thrilled to have officially opened the third neighborhood site for our Children’s Enrichment Ministry. The newest site is located on the grounds of Iglesia Presbiteriana Lirio de los Valles (Lily of the Valley Presbyterian Church), right across the street from our coffee shop, Café Justo y Mas. 

Throughout the five years of the children’s enrichment ministry, we have experienced how the interest in learning grows in children who are at risk of dropping out of school. This motivates us as a team to open new educational spaces working together with out partners in different parts of the city.

Entering the Season of Death at the Border
from The Border Chronicle by Todd Miller
At first it was a bit startling to see a man stumble onto the road in front of me. I was just south of Tombstone on Highway 80 in southern Arizona, cruising at about 60 miles an hour toward the border at Douglas. When the man appeared, I was listening to a podcast and staring out into the landscape, a beautiful stretch of rural road parallel to the San Pedro River valley, with views on all sides of the Dragoon, Huachuca, and Mule mountain ranges. The man looked injured and so disoriented that I thought he was going to limp right into the road. Then he stopped and looked at me, driving toward him. He held up an empty plastic bottle. He wore a ripped white T-shirt, and his face had that raw look of a person who’s been walking in the sun for days. It was mid-morning but already hot, forecast to be the hottest day of the year thus far, triple digits in nearby Tucson. He stared right at me and raised the bottle again. He had no water left. But I didn’t stop because there was a white van on my tail and the shoulder seemed narrow. “What am I doing?” I thought, and pulled over, van be damned. 

A Shrine for Carmelo
by Mark Adams
A Cross Planting for Griselda
We honored the life and remembered the death of Griselda Verduzco Armenta, at "A Pilgrimage of Remembrance," with the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

Since the year 2000, thousands of men, women, and children have lost their lives crossing the US-Mexico border. The Pilgrimage of Remembrance project remembers and honors migrants who have died in the desert in Cochise County, Arizona, by planting commemor-ative crosses near the places where they have died. These crosses are handmade, carried into the desert by a group of volunteers, and planted at the sites where these people have lost their lives. The beautiful brief ceremony, part of which is from local indigenous tradition, reminds us of the fragility of life, the essence of Holy Spirit in each life, and our responsibility to help bring an end to death on the desert.
Love Mercy, Do Justice, Order Coffee
Frontera de Cristo and Café Justo created the "Love Mercy, Do Justice" initiative to provide coffee for migrant shelters across the southern border. Thousands of women and men each week are greeted with a cup of coffee, a meal, and vital medical attention when they are repatriated into Mexico. You can help support this effort with a donation to Love Mercy, Do Justice.

In the mean time, why not order some coffee for yourself today? You will enjoy delicious 100% organic coffee cultivated, roasted, and shipped by the Café Justo cooperative. To order by mail instead of online, just download this form.
Febe Maldonado,
barista at Café Justo y Mas
Summer is most definitely here! Do you know how to make café en la roca? It's iced coffee, à la Café Justo y Mas. First, make your ice cubes out of Café Justo (a great way to use up the last of the pot!), and then follow Febe's instructions. Your smile will be as big as hers when you drink it!
Join the conversations by Zoom:
July 7 de julio
The Border as a Place of Encounter:
Life and Faith of Frontera de Cristo
Chiapas, Here I Come! Everyone who joined at least one of our Thursday "conversations" on Zoom between February 3 and July 7 will have their name entered into a raffle for a $700 scholarship to attend our Border-to-Border Delegation to Chiapas in November (see the flyer below). You still have one more chance! Join us on July 7 to learn more about Frontera de Cristo's life and faith here in the borderlands.
Save the Dates for the
20th Anniversary Celebrations of our
Border-to-Border Delegation
20 Years! It's a reason to celebrate,
and celebrate we will!

November 5th in Agua Prieta
November 11th in Chiapas

Save those dates and stay tuned for more information about the celebrations. To download the delegation flyer, click on the image.

To save your spot, fill out this registration form and mail it in with your $200 deposit, or you can register online.
And check out this article that appeared in the Arizona Daily Star on June 1st:
Dedication of Café Justo y Mas
June 4, 2016
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