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April 2, 2023

2 de abril 2023

Cultivating Relationships
and Understanding
Across Borders

Join us on Good Friday, April 7, for our annual Border Stations of the Cross

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Rodolfo and Rodrigo

with their mother

Dear friends,

Six months ago, Doña Ofelia approached  approached the Children’s Enrichment Ministry in Agua Prieta, Sonora, to enroll her grandchildren so that they could receive some regularization of their classes. The 10-year-old twins, Rodolfo and Rodrigo, could not attend school consistently because Rodolfo had serious health problems that often put him in the hospital for up to a full month. Their grandmother, who is their primary care provider, could not take care of Rodolfo and make sure his brother Rodrigo would get to school. 

Early in March, the family told me that Rodrigo Adrián Ballesteros Nuñez died of cardiac arrest. They had rushed him to the hospital suffering with intense stomach pain but, unfortunately, Rodrigo died en route.

Within a few days, Rodrigo’s brother, Rodolfo Alan Ballesteros Nuñez was hospitalized, released a day later, but then transported by ambulance to Hermosillo. During the night, he had convulsed several times and experienced difficulty breathing. [Since then, Rodolfo has struggled with multiple issues, but is recovering from surgerythe doctors are optimistic].

Scripture teaches us that prayer has power. Please support us in prayer for the restoration of Rodolfo’s health, for peace in the heart of his grandmother, and for the rest of his family who long for Rodolfo’s speedy recovery while mourning Rodrigo’s death.

Thank you,

Marina Forero

Director, Children's Enrichment Ministry

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Update on Rodolfo:

Rodolfo is receiving dialysis every 4 hours. He reported it was a painful therapy. On Thursday, March 30, he took a turn for the worse; he can't breathe and they had to intubate him. His lungs are now filling up with fluid. Marina has shared with Rodolfo and his family about the prayer network and this published article. They feel grateful for the accompaniment. We continue to trust in the power and will of God, these ups and downs of Rodolfo's health bring a lot of anguish. Let us pray without ceasing. 

In Spanish, Marina's words:

Buenos días compañeros de fe. Esta mañana Rodolfo recibió diálisis, cada 4 horas debe someterse a esta dolorosa terapia, pero ahora se puso muy mal otra vez, no puede respirar y tienen que entubarlo, sus pulmones ahora se están llenando de agua. El hasta anoche habló y mencionó de lo traumático que son las diálisis. Yo les compartí de la red de oración y de lo publicado por Frontera de Cristo, ellos se sienten agradecidos por su acompañamiento. Seguimos confiando en el poder y la voluntad de Dios, estos subes y bajas de su salud trae mucha angustia. Oremos sin cesar.

Bless Us! The Buzzards are Back!

from Catherine May, Dan Abbott, and Joca Gallegos

JUST WHEN WE THINK WE ARE REALLY GETTING to know the borderlands space of Douglas/Agua Prieta (Dan and I have been here since last July), something new comes along that charms us and piques our curiosity.

Imagine walking on a familiar street only to look up and see at least thirty giant birds in one of the taller trees while another group of individuals spread their wings and soar. It was a breath-taking site which fostered a flurry of questions: Are those hawks? Where did they come from? Are they just passing through? Is this unusual?

We learned that the buzzards (often known as Turkey Vultures) come to Douglas/Agua Prieta every year—in fact, the nearby town of Bisbee hosts an annual buzzard festival (of course they do!) called "Return of the Turkey Vultures," complete with songs, skits, stilt walkers, music, food, and more!

Eight buzzards and counting...

Every March, Douglas/Agua Prieta and the surrounding area offer a perfect location for buzzard breeding. Apparently, the nooks and crannies throughout the myriad of area mountain ranges (called "Sky Islands") and abandoned mining sites are excellent homes for breeding vulture couples. Their migration pattern spreads southward across the Pacific West from Canada, with a Spring layover in southeastern Arizona. Some migrate all the way through Mexico and as far south as Panama where they winter. We discovered that Arizona’s buzzard guests (as well as some that chose to be permanent residents) are fascinating. You want to “google” them!

And, you could start your planning now, and come visit Frontera de Cristo early next spring—this is an excellent place to celebrate God’s wondrous diversity in all its many forms. In the meantime, enjoy the season of Spring, wherever you may be.

La Paz de Dios,

Jocabed, Catherine, and Dan

Educational Materials

by Marina Forero, Director, Children's Enrichment Ministry

EVERY MORNING, THE TEACHERS AT THREE DIFFERENT "NEW HOPE" SITES IN Agua Prieta, Sonora, prepare to receive girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 12. Each facility offers a different physical environment, and the children arrive from different communities each with different needs. Some are able to attend the morning session and some will come for the afternoon session.

Each class opens with a prayer of gratitude and the reading of a story. After that, the focus is on homework advice and support. The children’s faces are the best expression of their delight when it is time to take a break, clear their minds, and join in creative play...

Continue reading this article

Lea este artículo en español

Join us on Good Friday, In Person or on Zoom, for

Border Stations of the Cross

Email "stations" to office@fronteradecristo.org to request the Zoom link.

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You Can Support Our Border Ministry Supply Drive

VILLAGE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KANSAS has very kindly set up an online supply drive for the Migrant Resource Center (MRC) in the form of an Amazon Wish List, and you can participate.

​Migrant asylum seekers trek across Mexico on foot for months to reach the US border. When they finally arrive, many suffer from serious foot injuries.

Currently, the most pressing need at the MRC is for thick, warm socks for the thousands of men, women, and children they care for each month.

If you'd like to support our brothers and sisters on the border, you can purchase socks or other items from Village Church's Amazon Wish List.

Your order will be shipped directly to Frontera de Cristo in Douglas, Arizona, and then delivered across the border to the MRC in Agua Prieta. We so appreciate Village Presbyterian Church for taking the initiative to do this drive, and we thank you for participating and providing this kindness to our sisters and brothers on the border.​

Coming Soon: Café Justo 20th Anniversary Photo Book

ORDER THE NEW CAFÉ JUSTO 20th anniversary photo book now, for spring delivery. Just $20, shipping included. See how your coffee grows from seed to cup and how this amazing coffee co-op grew from just a few coffee farming families to the wide-reaching co-op that ships delicious organic coffee all across this country today.

Mission Dinner & Book Club: Session Three

with Miriam Maldonado & Mark Adams

THE THIRD SESSION OF Miriam and Mark's 2023 Mission Dinner & Book Club is coming up on Wednesday, April 19, starting at 6:30pm Eastern Daylight Time.

You are invited to gather in person or on Zoom, meet the author, and have a discussion.

Those who live near Clover, South Carolina, have the option to attend a Mexican cooking class that afternoon, and learn how to prepare those marvelous meals we've come to enjoy.

Whether you attend in-person or at a distance, the first thing to do is email Mark Adams and he'll email you the Zoom link, the recipes, and monthly e-Minders (email reminders). Click on the flyer above to get all the details, and order your books now!

Border-to-Border 2023: The Dates are Set!

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Register and pay online OR...

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Love Mercy, Do Justice, Order Coffee

FRONTERA DE CRISTO AND CAFÉ JUSTO CREATED the "Love Mercy, Do Justice" initiative to provide coffee for migrant shelters across the southern border. Thousands of women and men each week are greeted with a cup of coffee, a meal, and vital medical attention when they are repatriated into Mexico. You can help support this effort with a donation to Love Mercy, Do Justice.

In the mean time, why not order some coffee for yourself today? You will enjoy delicious 100% organic coffee cultivated, roasted, and shipped by the Café Justo cooperative. To order by mail instead of online, just download this form.

Interpretation Assignment

MARK & MIRIAM ARE TRAVELING THE COUNTRY NOW on "Interpretation Assignment." We invite you to connect with them when they're at a church in your area.

View their speaking schedule for the year (subject to change). They welcome opportunities to fill in the blanks. Just email mark@fronteradecristo.org to inquire about the date you'd like to host them.


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