On the morning of 4/22/2020, Dr. Plashan McCune, had a trauma conversation with a group of wonderful educators. She was impressed by their concern and intention regarding addressing the needs of students and staff especially in the existence of COVID-19. We encourage you to consider and pursue the answers to the questions they asked:

1.        The pandemic is nothing that any of us in America have ever experienced. Can you guide us in
understanding the basics of trauma, and how it impacts the brain in adults vs young people?
  • What does trauma look and feel like for the students we serve in its most basic form?
  • How does trauma show up in kids? Could that look different for African American and LatinX males?
2.        How can the adults who are serving students, self-care to show up fully for the students we serve?
3.        What additional trauma do you anticipate in our students coming from this?
4.        How can our communities be most effective for our kids?

We hope that the discussion met their needs and will at the least serve as a guide for upcoming endeavors. How about you? Are you planning for what our schools and communities will need and how to respond to the people that come back to us?

That being said, we wanted to share what we have been seeing and hearing from you about being together while being apart-our collective mindfulness, thoughtfulness and kindness. Thank you!
  • Remote group workouts
  • Remote birthday celebrations
  • Karaoke with family
  • Themed dinners
Please continue to share your ideas/good news with us and we will share them here, with our community.

New service : Remote counseling- During this time our mental health needs don't have to be neglected.
Contact us if you or someone you know would appreciate this service .