News and Events for MUMC Families - October 15, 2020
This Week in Ministries for Children and Families
Sunday Morning Online Worship

8:30: Traditional Service (Outdoor under the Bell Tower, Drive-Thru and Live-Streamed)

9:30: Children's Time
10/18 - Moses and the Mountain

11:00: Contemporary Praise Worship
(Live-Streamed Only)
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At Home Faith Formation and Christian Education
First Step: Participate in a worship service in person or by watching on Facebook,
and watch the week's Children's Time.

This Week's Sermon Scripture: Deuteronomy 34, Moses and the Mountain
Moses gets a glimpse of the Promised Land, but he won't be able to enter it with the people.
Discussion Starters
Use these daily in the car, at dinner or at bedtime, or plan a longer family time, and talk about all the questions at once.

I Wonder...
Sunday - What questions do you have about today's Bible lesson? or What do you remember from today's Bible lesson?

Monday - At the end of his life, after freeing the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, and after leading them through the wilderness for 40 years, Moses is given a vision of the promised land that God promised to give to God's people. But he is also told he will not be able to enter it. How do you think Moses felt? Was he happy that they were so close and that the people would soon be able to cross over? What he proud of having led the people there? Was he sad that he wouldn't be able to go?

Tuesday - Moses was a great leader for the Israelite people, who had led them out of slavery. Along with God's help, Moses had protected them and guided them in the wilderness. After his death, the people mourned for 30 days. To "mourn" means to feel grief, a deep sadness, sorrow, at the loss of something or someone. Have you ever mourned for someone or something? Have you felt deep sadness? What brought you comfort?

Wednesday - After the time of mourning for Moses was over, the people were ready to move on with Joshua as their leader. Life goes on - even after really bad things happen. Do you have an example of something bad happening, but life continuing on anyway? What does that say about humans? About God? About life?
Thursday - Our scripture ends with wonderful words about who Moses was to the people of Israel. How do you think Joshua felt about becoming the new leader in the footsteps of Moses? Was he nervous? Confident? Have you ever been in Joshua's place? Have you compared your abilities, talents, or skills next to someone else and wondered if you measured up? Why are these comparisons not helpful?

Friday - Read verses 10-12 to see what was said about Moses. When you are old and looking back on your life, what do you hope people will say about you? What are some things you hope to do or accomplish in your life?

Saturday - Moses had a special relationship with God. The Bible says he talked to God face-to-face. We are invited to have the same kind of relationship with God, and we can talk to God through prayer. How can you devote more time to prayer every day? Do you pray every day? If you talked to God face-to-face, what would you ask God? What would you tell God?

Supplemental Activity Ideas
Draw the Promised Land: God gave Moses a vision of the land promised to Abraham so long ago. it is described as a land flowing with milk and honey. Talk with your children about what their ideal promised land would like and invite them to draw a picture. (Bonus: Share your ark pictures on our Facebook Group page!)

Family Photos - Look through frames and photo albums at people in your extended family - especially photos of people that your children might be related to, but that they don't know very well. Have fun sharing favorite memories about them as your children get to know these family members through your memories. Talk about how we know about Moses, and all he did for Israel, because people told his stories over and over again and passed them down to their children. What stories will they tell their children about your family?

Spiritual Discipline or Prayer Technique
This week try to spend 5 minutes a day in guided meditation. Invite your children to close their eyes and imagine walking through the desert all alone. What do they see and hear? What do they feel on their skin? Go on an imaginary hike up the mountain. Find a comfortable place to sit and talk to God. What will they ask God? What does God say to them? What visions might God show them? Invite them to share their worries and their thanksgivings with God on the mountain. When they are done, walk them back down their imaginary mountain and back to real life. Encourage them that this is another way that they can spend time with God every day.
Pumpkin Patch is Open!
Our pumpkin patch is open, and it may be a great way to keep a "normal" routine for fall! Come by and take pictures anytime. You can purchase pumpkins from 4-8 on weekdays and noon - 8 on weekends. Please remember safe Covid practices - use hand sanitizer before and after touching pumpkins, practice social distancing from others in the patch, and wear a mask if others are present in the patch.

You can also volunteer as a family to sell pumpkins! Click here to sign up!
Coming Soon!
Virtual Pumpkin Carving/ Decorating Contest!
Friday, October 23 at 6:30 pm
Bring your decorated and carved pumpkins as we gather over zoom to have some fun. We'll share our pumpkins and read "The Pumpkin Gospel," along with some other fun surprises! All ages are welcome.

Caring Kids Holiday Bag Assembly!
We will be assembly holiday bags on Sunday, October 25. Families will sign up for individual slots so that only one household will be assembling at one time. We will also practice other safe covid practices.

Kim Carroll
Director of Christian Education