Our Soul Awaits

The good news for all people is that:


  • Heaven and earth will pass away, but my (Jesus's) words will not pass away.  When we think the worst is at hand, we are promised that God has the final word, and that word is Hope.


  • God sent Jesus into the world to show us a way of peace.  Jesus is divine love entering in the world, available in the world, and transforming the world to God’s will.


  • Jesus offers the light of life, and this light is the source of our fierce joy.


  • God does the impossible through the power of transforming love. Over and over again, the Bible stories of our faith tell us that God makes a way, and faithful people say “yes” to God.


  • Jesus Christ is the light by which we can see God’s love in each and every living thing.


  • Following Jesus Christ leads us to a life of worship and wonder.

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