March 24, 2020
 Good News Part 1:
Fundraising is on Track – Thanks to Donors!
The spring fundraising drive is going very well. The original plan was to mail a traditional fundraising letter with a contribution card and return envelope. But that can get expensive, so I called an audible and tried a new approach: why not just ask people to give online?

It has worked much better than expected: to date, we have surpassed our goal by over $1,750 - and we have yet to mail a single letter our spend a dollar on printing or postage. There are some folks we haven't reached by email or online, and we'll be mailing letters to them. We'll need all the cash we gan get - the new reality will require us to campaign new and creative ways.

Many, many sincere thanks to all who have given. And if you haven't given yet, we still need your support! Just click the red " DONATE " button above.

Altered Plans Part 1:
Conventions Postponed and Rejiggered
The annual convention of the Polk County Democratic Party (which had been scheduled for March 28) has been postponed until Saturday, April 25, and it will be held online. This change applies to all 100 counties and has been mandated by the Executive Council of the state party. As you can imagine, they're still working out the details. The local parties have very little control over the process, but I am very confident that we'll be able make it work. Stay tuned: when we know more, we'll pass it along!

The district convention, which had been scheduled for April 25, will now be held on May 16. It too will be held online. As with the county convention, we'll tell you more as we learn more.
Good News Part 2:
Breakfast Kicks off in Style!
Continuing a tradition that goes back several years, the Democratic Women of Polk County has revived their Community Breakfasts: first Saturday of the month, spring through fall. Of course, the April breakfast is canceled - and we can't be sure about the one in May - but the one on March 7 was a blast: a full house, with lots of great food and fellowship. Special thanks to Peggy Dean for coordinating the event, to Pat Linnon for managing the kitchen, and for the many volunteers who provided food and worked a variety of jobs. Most of all, thanks to everybody who showed up for a fun morning with their fellow Dems.
Altered Plans Part 2:
Meetings and Events in Polk County
Here's what we're NOT doing:

We will not be holding any in-person meetings or events until further notice: no Polk Democratic Women's meeting, no Community Breakfast, no in-person county convention, no in-person executive committee meeting, no in-person trainings, postcard parties, phone banking, etc.

Here's what we ARE doing:

We will hold our monthly executive committee meeting on Thursday, April 2 at 7:00pm. It will be held online using the Zoom system. Don't be intimidated: it's very easy to participate. You will need a fairly up-to-date computer OR a fairly up-to-date smartphone. When it's time for the meeting to start, just click on this link: . Be aware: Zoom uses the camera on your phone or computer, so we'll all be able to see each other!
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Call to Action:
Encourage NCBOE to Safeguard the Election
from Kathie Kline
2nd Vice Chair, NC 11th District Democratic Party

As COVID-19 cases increase in North Carolina, the state board of elections should consider actions to safeguard this year's elections. Please encourage all voters to communicate their concerns and suggestions. 

I've submitted a letter (below) and you are welcome to use as a guide to edit or revise as you like. The ideas in the letter have been suggested by other organizations that are working to preserve our democracy.  

Public comments may be made through their public comment portal , by an email to , or by mail: Attn: Rulemaking Coordinator, P.O. Box 27255, Raleigh, NC 27611-7255.

"Dear NC State Board of Election, 

As a registered voter in our state, I am urging you to enact changes in election administration in response to our nation’s COVID-19 crisis. The state elections director should be allowed to use emergency action during this time to ensure that we will have a free & fair election in November 2020.
Please consider the following actions:

  • Institute digital or telephonic participation for County Board of Elections activities.
  • Institute significant changes regarding the provision and design of absentee ballots in order to expand access and provide the opportunity for all voters to vote by absentee ballot.
  • Develop contingency plans for moving to an all-mail election and protocols for when such a measure should be taken.
  • Support intensive poll worker recruitment in order to ensure that the upcoming elections are fully staffed.
  • If in-person voting is to remain available, polling locations must be moved out of buildings
  • that serve populations at high risk for contracting the coronavirus, such as retirement facilities.
  • Monitor and ensure adequate sanitation at all polling locations across the state.
  • Fast track the transition to current online DMV registration in light of challenges facing in- person voter registration.
  • Ensure adequate Curbside Voting as a low contact/no contact option.
  • I urge the State Board of Elections to utilize its powers to provide guidance to counties and advocate for implementation of the aforementioned recommendations.
  • Request funding through the NC General Assembly.
  • Request and utilize any available federal funds.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter."

Thanks for anything you can do to spread the word about this effort.
Quote of the Month
"If I get Corona I get Corona, but at the end of the day I'm not going to let it keep me from partying."

-Knucklehead spring-breaker on the beach at Daytona