October 19, 2019
From the Parish Administrator
Sally LeBaron
October Soup Month for the William Temple House

Thanks to everyone who donated to our William Temple House in the last month, it was gratifying to see the bin almost overfloweth. Karen Albaugh said the folks at WTH were impressed enough to perhaps provide a barrel and maybe even pick-up? Please resolve with me to exercise this incentive and keep the giving momentum going.

For October, we are collecting soup to donate. Pick up an extra can of that restorative Chicken Noodle the next time you’re shopping and add it to our bin. Or, if you’re Charlie or George reading this, sneak in one of those boxes of Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Bisque or Carrot Ginger soups, the boys’ main source of “vegetables” these days. Then, when I go to the pantry and am surprised that we’re out, innocently ask to sub in some candy corn as corn is a vegetable, right?

Whatever your soup tastes, or vegetable intake, please consider warming someone else’s tummy up, thank you.

Take care,
From the Minister of Music
Emma Mildred Riggle, M.M.
Dear Parish Family,

As a church musician in October, I am, of course, thinking about Christmas music all the time. I've been having a gloriously fun time with our Ascension Choir at our first rehearsals of the season, and I look forward to several joyful months as they and I work together to bring you some of the lovely and edifying music which has been written for the seasons of Advent and Christmas.

One particular favorite of mine this season is a Mass setting for Christmastide by the French Baroque/Classical composer Michel Corrette (1707-1795). Corrette was an organist, pedagogue, and prolific composer. He wrote his delightful Messe pour le tems de Noël (Mass for the Time of Christmas) for women's voices and organ, particularly to be sung in by women in religious communities. The entire Mass setting is based on the tunes of ancient French Christmas carols - much like the more famous Christmas Eve Midnight Mass by Marc-Antoine Charpentier.

If you come to our Advent Festival of Lessons and Carols (10:00 A.M. on December 9), or Ascension's evening Christmas Eve Mass, you'll hear the Sanctus , Benedictus and Agnus Dei of Corrette's setting sung beautifully by the ladies of our choir in the context of our liturgy. Even if you're not familiar with each and every ancient French carol quoted in the music, you will be sure to hear the festive elegance of these settings, and to value the joy they bring to our observance of the Eucharist.

If you can't wait for December, you can enjoy an excerpt of the Messe pour le tems de Noël in this fine recording on YouTube.

Soli Deo gloria,
Box Tops for Education:
Benefiting the Community Transitional School
We want to thank our Parish Family for the good work you've done in collecting Box Tops for Education for The Community Transitional School. The school has expressed gratitude for your help. Each box top is worth ten cents toward the purchase of school supplies. Jane Wolfsehr, who arranges this ministry, encourages us to keep up the good work!

The Community Transitional School serves at-risk children of homeless and transient families in Portland. To read more about their work, visit the school's website: https://www.transitionalschool.org/ . The donation container for Box Tops is located on the guestbook table at the church entrance.
Sign Up for the Annual Harvest Dinner
Our Annual Harvest Dinner is coming up on November 15! If you're interested in coming, please sign up on the sheet in the Common Room.

If you're attending the Harvest Dinner, we ask that you bring along a side dish or other contribution to share! You'll find a sign up sheet containing a list of what we need in the Common Room. Check it out and see where you can contribute!

Thank you for your help in making this year's Harvest Dinner a success!
Fall at Ascension
The Autumn colors are looking just lovely on the hill in Ascension's neighborhood.

Do you have any sweet pictures of our Chapel in the Fall? Email them to View editor Emma if you'd like to share them with the Parish family!
This Month
October 21, 9:00 A.M.: Choir Rehearsal
October 21, 10:00 A.M.: Youth Art Class
October 28, 9:00 A.M.: Choir Rehearsal
Next Month
November 4, 9:00 A.M.: Choir Rehearsal
November 11, 10:00 A.M.: Youth Art Class
November 15, 5:00 P.M.: Harvest Dinner
November 18, 9:00 A.M.: Choir Rehearsal
November 18, 11:00 A.M.: Vestry Meeting
This Sunday: October 21, 2018: The 22nd Sunday after Pentecost
8:00 A.M. LEM & Lector
10:00 A.M. LEM
10:00 A.M. Lectors
10:00 A.M. Usher

Bob Howard
SuEllen Pommier
Rod Pommier, Suzan Berry
Susan O'Holleran
Janet Gallagher, Eloise Gibson, Pam Howard, Shoshawna & Mia Rainwater
Marilyn Portwood, Eloise Gibson
Next Sunday: October 28, 2018: The 23rd Sunday after Pentecost
8:00 A.M. LEM & Lector
10:00 A.M. LEM
10:00 A.M. Lectors
10:00 A.M. Usher
Jeff Krum
Emily Guimaraes
Willem Abassi, Peter Baker
Peter Baker
Janet Baker, Lucy Lloyd, Jan Stuermer
Diane Hussey, Kris Vanberg
WE THANK Thee, then, O Father,
for all things bright and good,
The seed time and the harvest,
our life, our health, and food;
No gifts have we to offer,
for all Thy love imparts,
But that which Thou desirest,
our humble, thankful hearts.

Matthias Claudius,
"We Plow the Fields and Scatter"
In Our Prayers
  • Janet Mersereau
  • Kathleen Barrett's niece Diane Rahn, suffering from cancer.
  • Eloise Gibson's niece, Bella
Today in the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer
  • Portland: SS. Peter & Paul/San Pedro y San Pablo. Hildegardo González, priest-in-charge
  • Portland: St. Philip the Deacon. Maria McDowell, priest-in-charge
  • Portland: St. Stephen. Brendan Barnicle, priest-in-charge; Dale Carr; Maureen Hagen, deacon. PRAY that God’s presence may be manifested in St. Stephen’s Membership Committee and Music Program.
The Collect for the 22nd Sunday after Pentecost
Almighty and everlasting God, in Christ you have revealed your glory among the nations: Preserve the works of your mercy, that your Church throughout the world may persevere with steadfast faith in the confession of your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.
Final Smile
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