Are you wondering how to increase parent engagement in your classroom?

Family involvement is a critical supporting factor for a child's success in  school. Limited engagement on the part of family can exacerbate academic difficulties and contribute to low student achievement. One in every three parents are disengaged from t heir child's school life according to the Policy Institute for Family Impact. Often this doesn't stem from the lack of concern or commitment to their child, but rather is complicated by issues of poverty, language barriers, education level, and their own negative school experience. If you're a teacher or principal and need resources and thought partnership around increasing parent engagement, as well as information to address other barriers to educational success, please visit our website,  The Journey to Student Success  and learn from Maria Elena Garcia and Dr. Kayon Morgan.
Finding Ways to Address Bullying and Student Conflict: Rap Room Opening at Trinidad Middle School!

The Rap Room opened on February 5th at Trinidad Middle School (TMS) and is open to all students during their daily lunch period. The school counselor will provide oversight with students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade trained to serve as peer mentors through the Kids Working It Out curriculum. Students will be trained to offer a "listening ear", provide  support, friendship and ensure that no student eats alone.
Training on Restorative Practices, confidentiality, reporting and an
understanding of their roles and responsibilities as peer mentors are also included in student preparation.

This is an exciting opportunity for the
students at TMS to be a proactive and positive influence as the work around Bullying Prevention Implementation and Leader in Me continues. Generation Schools Network is privileged to support this work through a Bullying Prevention Grant.
"Respect for All Week" Builds Inclusiveness at Brooklyn Generation School

During the week of February 12th, students at Brooklyn Generation School participated in Respect for All Week, an initiative that aims to promote respect for diversity and engage students in workshops to 
GSN's Ava Nadal with FIERCE Youth Organizer, Skye, who spoke with BGS students on gender identity, pronouns, and expressions. 
preventing harassment and bullying. Students took part in a Teen Dating  V iolence workshop led by Alethea Best, a Day One Relationship Abuse Prevention Program Coordinator. Skye Adrian, a youth organizer for FIERCE educated BGS students on gender expression and gender pronouns. Following the workshop, senior Amari Clarke said "it is always important to have mutual agreements in your relationships and to have  effective communication, which is a good quality of a healthy relationship."   Tanya Odums, the Director of Wellness at BGS, who collaborated with GSN's AmeriCorps Vista Ava Nadel to organize the event, indicated how BGS students are growing up in a time where "bullying is completely out of control and this week allows students to understand what bullying is and how it impacts the school community".  
This event was vital to the Brooklyn Generation School community as it not only built a fostering and inclusive environment, but it also offered students the chance to ponder the importance of inclusiveness.


March 5th-6th: 
Student-Centered Accountablity Program (S-CAP) Site Review at Monte Vista School District
Register here

March 9th:
Registration is available through Nita McAuliffe - 719-587-5417; 

March 28th-29th:
Rural Community Teacher Recruitment Immersion Experience
La Junta, CO
Join us for a two-day, hands on immersion experience in rural Colorado to meet with real teachers, school leaders, students, and community members from districts in the Santa Fe Trail BOCES. If you're a newly graduated teacher, teacher prep student, current teacher, or someone who is looking for a different career, consider attending this event in La Junta, Colorado!
We invite you to forward this event to those in your network who might be interested. To learn more and register for this event, click here.  

March 28th-30th:
Deeper Learning Conference
San Diego, CA
GSN's Dr. Lisa Leith and Ashleigh Valentine will present on how GSN's Advocacy Program and Social Emotional Learning impacts students' capacity for Deeper Learning
For more information, click here.

April 23rd:
Student-Centered Accountablity Program (S-CAP) Site Review at Holyoke School District
Register here.

May 4th:
Colorado League of Charter Schools Teacher Summit
Aurora, CO

GSN's Dr. Lisa Leith will present to charter teachers on Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

June 7th-8th:
Healthy Schools Leadership Retreat
Keystone, CO
GSN's Ashleigh Valentine and Ellen Sarkisian will present Impacting the Lives of Expelled and Suspended Students in Rural South-Central Colorado.
For more information, click here.

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