On February 23rd, GSN was featured in "Reimagining the School Day" by the Center for American Progress. "The minutes and hours of the school day are critical to build knowledge, foster student motivation, and drive student outcomes," says Meg Benner and Lisette Partelow. Click here to discover how GSN's innovative schedule reduces teacher workload and increases instructional time. 


After receiving more than 30 applications, 11 teacher candidates participated in a three-day event facilitated on behalf of the Colorado Rural Education Collaborative by partners CSU-Pueblo, Generation Schools Network, Battelle for Kids and the Custer County School District C1. The grant originally funded three Teacher Recruitment Immersion Experiences, but due to high interest, a fourth event was scheduled! Teacher candidates spent time touring Westcliffe, CO, and met with district staff. The candidates visited the Silvercliff Museum, guided by students from Custer County High School, to learn about the silver mining history of the area! After visiting classrooms in Westcliffe and working with students, the potential teachers participated in a community service project building picnic tables for the schools orchestrated by Custer County Superintendent Mark Payler. 

GSN AmeriCorps member Kathryn Allison attended the Immersion Experience to provide professional development in Team Building (part of the GSN Social Emotional Learning curriculum).

The immersion experiences are a test as a potential answer to the state-wide teacher shortage, which is felt more acutely in rural Colorado. Superintendents and principals felt that high-quality candidates were presented to fill current and upcoming teacher vacancies.

Check out the event on KOAA, who covered the event, here

Pictured: A teacher candidate conducts a sample assessment with a student in Westcliffe, CO. 


On February 16th, GSN's Claude Aska and Christon Harris presented at the DC Charter School Conference, a convening that saw charter school leaders exposed to innovations and best practices that drive student outcomes. GSN's 80-minute presentation titled "Ensuring Students of Diverse Backgrounds are College and Career Ready" provided a framework for attendees to develop better structures that help their students attain post-secondary success.


Challenge Day, funded by a grant co-wrote by GSN and WCS, was focused on several Social Emotional Learning opportunities. Our Challenge Day leaders, Angela Aguilar and Sevan Apollo Poetry, facilitated the day-long experience for students at WCS. The event transitioned from ice-breaking activities to a more emotional portion of the day. Students were guided in small "family groups" into an open discussion where they could give a shout out to a friend, confront a bully, apologize to someone, or express what they were feeling. The day concluded with a reflective circle and it was evident that the inclusiveness of the students, and of the volunteers, was extraordinary. Participants left this Challenge Day with a sense of hope, heroism, and a better understanding of themselves. 

Pictured: GSN'S Anna Stamer and Natasha Patel eat lunch with students. 


GSN is Hiring an Accounting and Office Associate! Please spread the word in you networks!  Generation Schools Network, a national non-profit that seeks to prepare every student, regardless of life circumstances for success in school, work and life is hiring a Denver-based person to serve our national team. This person will be responsible for daily accounting functions under the supervision of the CFO, scheduling and travel for the executive team, office functions and other duties to support the success of our work at schools and districts. Accounting/bookkeeping experience, computer competency and a service-oriented attitude is required.  To apply, send your resume, by March 15th, to:   


Happening Now! March 2 
Happiness Advantage Workshop - Arlington, Texas 
For more information, contact  Kate Lister or Katie Peyton  

March 21, 6 - 8:30pm
Protective Services and Military Career Exploration Workshop at Columbine High School 
GSN will host a Protective Services and Military Exploration Workshop for high school students and their parents from 5 Jefferson County Schools: Columbine, Dakota Ridge, Chatfield, Conifer and Bear Creek to explore a future in the armed or protectives services (i.e. military, police, fire, EMT). Students and parents will hear from current and former protective service personnel about why they served, how to pursue a career in the different branches, and what the options are in terms of a pathway to becoming a police/fire/EMT professional, enlisting, joining ROTC, attending a military academy, or pursuing a medical pathway via the military. Students will also be able to participate in military mock interviews and explore post-secondary education options. 

For more information, please contact Kathryn Allison
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