Vision - All schools are vibrant, inclusive ecosystems that ensure every student thrives in school, work and life. 

Mission - GSN co-creates healthy school ecosystems by partnering with educators, students, families and communities to elevate the education experience.

Highlights from Social Emotional Learning expansion in the Colorado Rural Education Collaborative (CREC)!

Did you know that research demonstrates a student's sense of belonging or lack thereof impacts grades, attendance, mental health, physical health, bullying, criminality and so much more? 

Bayfield Elementary Implements SEL

School belonging consistently has been defined as  the extent to which students feel personally accepted, respected, included, and supported by others in the school social environment1 . "Three school characteristics stand out as helping young people feel connected to school while simultaneously encouraging student achievement: (1) high academic standard  coupled with strong teacher support; (2) an environment in which adult and student relationships are positive and respectful; and (3) a physically and emotionally safe school environment. Students who feel connected to school (independent of how these students are faring academically) are less likely to use substances, exhibit emotional distress, demonstrate violent or deviant behavior, experience suic idal thoughts or attempt suicide, and become pregnant"2. This year, thanks to the Wend Foundation, the Larrk Foundation, and the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust, GSN is supporting 14 rural districts in increasing student sense of belonging through integration of social/emotional learning. Please enjoy the  photos of how some districts have worked to increase the sense of student and staff belonging through circle time, appreciate boards and positive note writing. For more on our SEL programming and to implement in your school, please contact Andee Ham at

La Junta Intermediate teachers share what they value about their colleagues.

1 Goodenow & Grady, 1993
Engaging Students and Teachers in a Mathematical Growth Mindset!

In order to support districts across the South Central BOCES in attracting and retaining math teachers and improving math outcomes, GSN's Ashleigh Valentine, University of Colorado Colorado Springs professors Katie Anderson-Pence and  Patrick McGuire along with SC BOCES Angela Powers, engaged teachers in a  book study using, Jo Boaler's book Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students' Potential Through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching (2016). The goal was to  inspire teachers toward developing a growth mindset to help students move beyond math anxiety.  

Stay tuned! Math professional learning communities are coming to the Northeast and San Luis Valley BOCES soon!
Development of Career Pathway System in Santa Fe Trail BOCES!

Thanks to a grant from the Daniels Fund, students across six districts of the Santa Fe Trail Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES): Cheraw, La 
Junta, Las Animas, Rocky Ford, Swink, and Wiley, are experiencing development of a college/career pathway system for students that includes advising, exposure opportunities, skill-building, work-based learning and employment. The goal of the Colorado Rural Education Collaborative is to develop and pilot the model in the Santa Fe Trail BOCES in partnership with Battelle for Kids and Bridges to Careers and then spread the work to other interested rural BOCES. The project is off to a promising start! Coverage from local newspapers and other publications can be found here:


Students participate in career pathway development in the Santa Fe Trail BOCES.
How can the connection to one caring adult impact a student's achievement?

Often, students participate in their education without ever having a direct 
connection to an adult in their school. With mounting pressures to in crease  academic achievement and tight daily  schedules due to expectations and increasingly more common 4 day school weeks, school staff often doesn't have the opportunity to connect with students on a personal level. Through GSN's daily or weekly Advocacy program, structures are put in place intentionally to allow for this connection, which has incredible impact on a student's achievem ent. For more about the importance of this connection and how to foster it, please visit our  Student Success Journey website.
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