San Luis Valley STEM Professional Development Kicks Off!

T eachers in SLV BOCES tinker with STEM materials from home and school! 
GSN's Kirk Banghart and Lisa Leith recently kicked off a year-long STEM Professional Development Project with the San Luis Valley Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). This project will include four day-long sessions, orchestrated with input from the BOCES leadership and its member schools. The first session took place at Sangre de Cristo School and featured motivational speaker, Dave Davlin and sessions such as "Defining and Quantifying STEM", and "Visioning the STEM-Possible." GSN looks forward to the next sessions!

BGS Alumnus Thrives in Internship! 

Pugh and other BGS Students Participate in "Meet the Builders" exposure event at the department of Design & Construction in NYC 
In March of 2017, Tavon Pugh, BGS Alumus, was one of 30 Brooklyn Generation School students who attended the Meet the Builders event organized by the NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) in partnership with Generation Schools Network. The Meet the Builders event featured a panel discussion with engineers and architects from the DDC and a small-group interactive building activity, in which each group worked together to design and build a small sustainable structure. During the course of the day, Tavon asked thoughtful questions, emerging as the leader of his group in the building exercise. Tavon followed up with an engineer in his group, and secured a summer internship with the DDC. Tavon is currently a student at Medgar Evers College of CUNY, and he plans to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. When asked about the experience by his now former guidance counselor, Tavon replied simply, "The day at the DDC, I learned about a career that looked fun and interesting, and not impossible. So, I went for it."
GSN Assists School Districts In Moving Anti-Bullying Work Forward!

Fisher's Peak Principal and P.E. teacher stand by their anti-bullying student pledge banner
GSN has the privilege of supporting anti-bullying work in at five sites in the South Central BOCES - Trinidad Middle School, Fisher's Peak Elementary (Trinidad), Fowler Elementary School, Fowler Jr/Sr High, and Manzanola School District. The schools are focused on transforming negative behavior into behavior that is kind and respectful.

October 12th-14th
Battelle for Kids National Rural Forum

October 13th
Colorado Alternative Education Campus Conference
October 20th
8:30-12:00 pm
Social Emotional Learning Presentation
San Luis Valley BOCES  

October 25th-26th
Student-Centered Accountability Program (S-CAP) Systems Site Review
Kit Carson, Colorado

October 26th
Military and Protective Services Career Exploration Workshop
Littleton High School
Register Here
October 30th
Military and Protective Services Career Exploration Workshop
Silver Creek High School
Register Here
November 8th
Military Veteran's Day Event
Red Rocks Community College
This event is open to all Jefferson County High Schools, as well as other interested students from the Denver area. The workshop format will include speakers, breakout sessions focusing on the Enlistment process, the Military Academy admission process, programs for High School students (pre-enlistment) and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Veterans from all branches of service will be invited, as well as Blue Ribbon Moms.

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