Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Presentation at San Luis Valley BOCES

Maggie Mather on stage presenting at Sargent
On November 10th Ellen Sarkisian and Maggie Mather provided a training on Generation Schools Network's Advocacy program to the teachers of Sargent Elementary, Middle, and High School. The professional development covered the basics of Social and Emotional Learning, and a detailed review of GSN's curriculum. Additionally, the training included an overview of mindfulness, and an example mindfulness activity in the form of a guided seated meditation.  

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San Luis Valley (SLV) STEM Professional Development

SLV Teachers with their winning bridge!

S an Luis Valley teachers came together on Friday, November 10th, at Sierra Grande School District to share STEM Skills and pedagogical concepts with their peers. Staff had the opportunity to participate in hands-on STEM learning around the concepts of design engineering and nanotechnology. 

South Central BOCES Schools Begin Implementing PBIS Curriculum to Prevent Bullying 

Manzanola, Fowler, Fisher's Peak, and Trinidad Middle School have begun implementing PBIS in their schools this year with the help of Generation Schools Network.
Manzanola has created an innovative system in which bus drivers pair with teachers, paras with cafeteria staff, and counselors with students on the Bullying Prevention Committee (BPC) to teach each other the curriculum throughout their school. These partnerships have created a warm environment for staff and students alike by posting sticky notes on lockers that say "You are wonderful" or
Sticky notes with encouraging messages written by students from Manzanola! 
"Have a wonderful day". Staff have taken the same approach in the Faculty Lounge. Kindness Rocks is the message they are conveying to change their school culture. They have also created "The Room" during lunch where students will be trained in restorative justice practices.
Fowler Elementary has created the "Kindness Cubs", a group of student leaders who taught the curriculum along with staff to the entire school. They are creating a store that kids can cash in their positive rewards for caught being  (PBIS emphasizes positive reinforcement). They have bulletin boards up throughout the school where staff and students alike can give kudos or shout outs for kindness they have witnessed at their school.
Fisher's Peak Elementary is rolling out their curriculum assembly style, with students putting together skits about expected behavior around the school. They will be introducing the Buddy Bench on their playground in the spring, and will be putting on skits for their parents about the buddy bench and PBIS implementation at their Family Night. They have positive signs displaying both PBIS and Leader in Me messages throughout the school.
Trinidad Middle School has chosen "No, Not Today" as their response to disrespectful messages. They have incorporated the message of "Be an Upstander" with posters, bulletins and pledges displayed throughout the school. They are also implementing "The Rap Room" over lunch, training students to help others in restorative justice practices. They have a strong Bully Prevention Committee of 7 students.  They are rolling out their curriculum in conjunction with Leader in Me at the beginning of each school day.

Military and Protective Services Career Exploration Workshops

For the past few months Generation Schools Network has worked with several branches of the military to create the Military and Protective Services Career Exploration Workshops which are hosted at local Colorado High Schools and colleges. Erie High School, Littleton High School, Silver Creek High School and most recently Red Rocks Community College hosted events with dozens of students and and parents in attendance.  

The Army, Navy, Air Force Reserves, National Guard, ROTC, Marines, and local Firefighters, police and EMTs have attended the events to talk with students and parents about career pathways and opportunities. 

If your school would like help meeting the requirements of HB 1041 that went into effect for the 2017-2018 school year, please contact Wendy Loloff Cooper, or 720-299-0474. More information can be found here.

Captain Shchreckgost from the US Army talking to students and parents at Silver Creek High School!   


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