GSN Staff & AmeriCorps Assist Board Member, Jose Silva, in Community School Supply Drive! 

Board Member Jose Silva organizes supplies to be passed out for back to school!
Kuddos to Board of Directors member, Jose Silva, who held the 9th Annual Community School Supply Drive on August 12, 2017. Over 500 students received a backpack full of supplies to start the school year. Jose explained the motivation for his effort as being one of the kids growing up who showed up at school without supplies and how that made it hard for him to start the year ready to learn. He does the drive annually to prevent other students from being in that same situation. GSN's CEO and her family were glad to help out, as well GSN AmeriCorps members.

Launch of Student Success Journey Website!

GSN is proud to announce the launch of a new website, The Journey to Student Success , with generous funding from the Ford Foundation. The website is a repository of key resources that align to common barriers facing our students most at-risk. 

Sierra Grande Staff Participate in GSN's Advocacy Program! 

The balloons represent the barriers that students face. The fewer balloons that touch the ground mean we all worked together to keep them up creating solutions for students' well-being.
On August 15th, teachers at Sierra Grande School District, kicked off the year with an interactive Advocacy Group experience led by GSN's Ashleigh Valentine. Teachers participated in a Social Emotional Learning team building activity and walked through the Advocacy structure. The purpose of this time together was for teachers and staff to understand the importance of the EARSS (Expelled and At-Risk Student Services) Program and learn how Advocates support these students with SEL skill development and community referrals through Advocacy. After the activity, teachers shared with the group: "The more supports we have in place for students, and with everyone on board, the more students we reach."
GSN Celebrates All Staff Retreat!
GSN Team Members Gather Outside Our Office!
GSN had the pleasure of bringing our  staff together for our annual staff retreat in Denver in early September. Highlights from the week included learning each other's styles of work and strengths, sharing  stories of what brought us to GSN, and attending a Colorado Rockies game!   We were privileged to have had the opportunity to calibrate, meet new members of the team, and prepare for an exciting and challenging year.

September 25th-26th
Student-Centered Accountability Program (S-CAP) Systems Site Review
Buena Vista, Colorado
October 12th-14th
Battelle for Kids National Rural Forum
October 5th
Military and Protective Services Career Exploration Workshop
Erie High School
October 26th
Military and Protective Services Career Exploration Workshop
Littleton High School
October 30th
Military and Protective Services Career Exploration Workshop
Silver Creek High School
November 8th
Military Veteran's Day Event
Red Rocks Community College
This event is open to all Jefferson County High Schools, as well as other interested students from the Denver area. The workshop format will include speakers, breakout sessions focusing on the Enlistment process, the Military Academy admission process, programs for High School students (pre-enlistment) and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Veterans from all branches of service will be invited, as well as Blue Ribbon Moms.

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